Marissa Winters

Marissa is a Las Vegas native who transplanted to Acadiana 6 years ago. Her blended family consists of Brandt (11), Jackson (2), her husband Justin and an ever expanding herd of animals. They live on the outskirts of Lafayette and love gardening and raising chickens. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Nutrition. She worked in several restaurants before realizing that her real passion was for teaching. She is now in elementary education and is hoping to gather enough interest to have an after school cooking club like she did at the last school she was at. She spends her time volunteering with Lafayette Education Foundation, writing for Lafayette Mom and is in the middle stages of writing her first childrens book! Motherhood of full of ups and downs but hope is always consistent.

Halftime Show: A Full-Time Lesson in Kindness

Football halftime shows, specifically the Super Bowl shows, are notorious for being big, over the top and incredibly entertaining. This year's show was no different! My jaw still hasn't closed. I'm in such awe! But, I'm...

I Will Wipe Your Tears

"I'll wipe your tears, Mama," he said as he reached up to my face. It was that moment when my mama heart knew everything would be okay. I've dealt with a lot of grief in...

Do You Know An Amazing Teacher? {Nominate Your Favorite Teacher TODAY!}

After a quick conversation with my coworkers, I realized that I remember every teacher I had in elementary school. Every. Single. One. Go ahead quiz me. I can even recite, in its entirety, our elementary...

The Hope Inside My Grief

This picture was taken on October 2nd, 2015. It was my stepdad's birthday and we celebrated with BBQ, cake and an abundance of fun. For as long as I've known my stepdad he has always...