The Hilliard Art Museum: More Than a Museum

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The Hilliard Art Museum: More Than a Museum

The Hilliard Art Museum: More Than a MuseumThe Hilliard Art Museum is so excited about our new campaign for the reimagining, restoring and preservation of the A. Hays Town Building. Together we are more than a museum! Our new learning lab at the A. Hays Town Building will have numerous benefits for children and families in the community. Here are some of the ways it will positively impact their learning and development:

  1. Engaging and Interactive Learning: Our lab will include a hands-on environment for children to engage with art, educational materials and exhibits at Hilliard Art Museum. We encourage active participation and inquiry-based learning, which can enhance understanding and retention of knowledge.
  2. Exploration of Various and Art Subjects: Our museum educator will offer a wide range of activities related to current exhibits. A learning lab within a museum setting will offer youth opportunities to explore these subjects in a dynamic and immersive way.
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork: Our Learning Lab will encourage collaboration and teamwork among children and families in the community and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette students and faculty, and the University of Louisiana, Lafayette population. With group projects, interactive exhibits and cooperative learning activities. Through working together, we enhance communication and learn to respect diverse perspectives.
  4. Skill Development: We will offer workshops, classes, and demonstrations that focus on specific skills in the arts. By acquiring new skills in a hands-on environment, children can enhance their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills.

Our new Learning Lab at The A. Hays Town Building will provide a dynamic and enriching educational experience for children and families of Acadiana. It will foster the intellectual development, creativity, critical thinking, and intergenerational collaboration inspired by the arts.

Please learn more and donate HERE. 


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