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The Benefits of Less Homework {And What We’re Asking Parents to Do Instead}

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Episcopal School of Acadiana.  The Benefits of Less Homework - And What We’re Asking Parents to Do Instead Today’s parents are bombarded with studies on the significance of play, the...

Why I Hate My Prenatal Vitamins

I hate my prenatal vitamins. But not for the reason you might think. It's not because I hate swallowing pills, or the fishy aftertaste some brands have. It's not because I can't remember whether or...

I’m Sad This Week :: A Real Life Look At Hormones, PMS, and Depression

Today is just one of those days I want to quit.  Like everything … not life. Just everything else.   I’d love to say I’m just tired and I need to sleep but down deep I...

Being a Stay at Home Mom: I Can’t Afford It

I am not an eight to five gal. I am an all-in, around-the-clock, heart and soul kind of commitment. I want what I do to be purposeful and rewarding. Making a difference to something...

Starting Over From Scratch

Sitting alone in my car at the grocery store I found myself at the very beginning. Literally, the very beginning of my new life as an adult as I would come to know it....

The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties in Lafayette Louisiana

Disclosure :: Special thanks to all of the great local sponsors that have made this guide possible! Do you have a business that you would like to have included? Please do email us at...

Going DIEP for Renewed Hope

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center and authored by Dr. Sarosh Zafar. Going DIEP for Renewed Hope The DIEP Flap surgical procedure creates a new, more natural breast for...

Navigating Mean Girls :: National Bullying Prevention Month

Tonight, I had a conversation with my daughter on a topic that I had not yet prepared myself for as a mother of a second grader- the mean girl. So and so was mean to...

The Day I Walked In On Sexually Inappropriate Play

You know that gut feeling when you just know something is off about someone? I recently had that feeling about someone’s child – one of my son’s favorite friends. The issues came slowly over the...

Dear Conduct Chart: You Do Not Determine My Child’s Worth

I've missed her all day. All day, I have looked forward to picking her up after school and feeling her little arms wrap around my waist with the biggest hug. All day, I have...

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