Baby Items We Swear By

Baby Items We Swear By

Babies require a lot of STUFF. There is no getting around that. When I was pregnant with my first child, I heard many comments from fellow mom friends about how it’s so easy for all the baby stuff to pile up. Their advice was to limit the baby gear since some items are only used for a short period. Those items might be worth borrowing or bypassing altogether. 

I found that to be true. However, I would encourage any new mom not to be afraid to spend money on the items she DOES need. Welcoming a new baby into the family is a huge life transition. If there is baby gear that can make the transition and your daily life easier, I would say it’s well worth the money!

Here are some baby items that I believe are worth purchasing for any family and any lifestyle:

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are very personal items, and every mom may have a different version they prefer. We loved the Baby Bjorn brand because it was easy to put on, and both mom and dad were comfortable wearing our babies in it. Another feature is that the baby can face either forward or parent-facing depending on their age. However, I know many other mamas who loved sling wraps like the Moby or Solly wrap. Whichever style baby wearing-item you choose, it is so helpful to have the option to wear your baby either on walks, at the grocery store, or just around the house. The baby will love the closeness they share with you, and as they get older they will love the bird’s eye view of the world they get when riding around with you in their carrier! We used our carrier from birth to well beyond our children’s first birthdays.

Sound Machine

Start using a sound machine for sleep with your baby right away! The white noise will mimic the types of sounds the baby heard when they were snug inside your womb and will give comfort to and soothe your baby. As your child grows, the sound machine will cue that it’s time for sleep. It’s also a great way to drown out any extra noise happening in the house while the little babe is trying to get some shut-eye. Many parents also like to have a mini-sound machine for the stroller or car.

Baby Items We Swear By

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets. They are an important transition between the newborn swaddle and a big kid blanket. Sleep sacks are the next step when your baby is starting to roll over and needs to transition out of the swaddle. At this stage, your baby is still too young for a blanket, which could be a suffocation hazard. Sleep sacks will keep your little ones nice and warm while also protecting them from SIDS.

Bamboo clothes

Bamboo onesies and other clothes are silky soft and breathable for your baby. They also GROW WITH the child, so while your baby is rapidly growing out of their other cotton clothes, the bamboo outfits will last months and months. They are typically more expensive than cotton, but when you calculate the cost per wear, you will find that you are getting beyond your money’s worth.

LARGE Muslin swaddle blankets

The key is LARGE. Some muslin blankets are smaller, making it difficult to swaddle the baby properly. The bigger, the better. Muslin blankets are also great to keep in the diaper bag as nursing covers or a quick floor blanket for your baby to crawl on.

Bouncer or Activity Center

A bouncer, jumper, exersaucer, or activity center is a great toy to have for your baby. When your baby has developed head control, they are ready to try this type of toy. Bouncers or activity centers are great interactive toys for your child since most of them have sensory and musical toys attached for your child to grab or spin. The seat provides a safe place for the child to play and can be handy if you’d like your child to play in a contained area. I find this toy worth purchasing because it can be used daily for at least 6 months of your baby’s life if not more! Some of these activity centers also have the option to convert to a toddler toy as your child grows, which will extend the life of the toy for your child. 

Baby Items We Swear By

Every baby and family is different, and not all baby gear is worth spending money on! Find out what baby gear serves your family and baby best, and spend your money on what is worth it for your family!

Allison Gregory-Graff
Allison is a mom to two precious girls, Leigh and Rhylan, and a wife to Ian. They live together in Lafayette, Louisiana. Allison graduated from UL in Elementary Education, and has been working in the education system since 2013. Her daughters are constantly teaching her that motherhood is the greatest and most challenging gift that she will spend a lifetime trying to figure out. You can frequently find Allison arranging play dates (and mom dates) for herself and her girls, drinking coffee, reading, trying to squeeze in time for a creative outlet, and enjoying her husband’s cooking!