I Promise To :: A Letter From A Teacher

I Promise To :: A Letter From A Teacher

I promise to always protect your child to the best of my abilities.

I know the world right now is a scary place but trust me when I say, your child is safe with me. I will love and protect them like my own. 

I promise to teach your child right from wrong. Sometimes this may require a little tough love from me however, please remember that I only want what is best for them and to show them what they are capable of accomplishing.

I promise to be a cheerleader for your child.

School is HARD. Learning can be frustrating and in today’s educational world, there is so much pressure put on academics that it can be daunting for a child. However, I promise that I will always cheer your child on no matter what the case, and always encourage them to try their best.

I promise to be your child’s safe space. I will be waiting at my door for a warm hug when their morning doesn’t go as planned and I will be watching over them from a distance when at times, they may just want to be alone. 

I promise to be your child’s caretaker. I will bandage every physical “boo boo” they may have, and I will also work through any emotional injury they may have as well. I will always be waiting with words of comfort and a warm embrace whenever they may need it.

I Promise To :: A Letter From A TeacherI promise to not only teach your child academics, but I promise to teach them life skills. I will teach them to be strong, to be responsible, and to believe in themselves despite life’s many challenges that will come their way.

Most of all, I promise to love your child with all of my heart.

We will spend countless hours together and I promise that throughout that time, your child will know how much they are cared for and loved by their teacher. I will show that love to the best of my abilities in my thoughts and in my actions. Somedays, I may fall short however, I will always get right back up and admit my fault. 

Sending your kids off to school is hard whether they are six years old and clinging to your leg as you take them to their Kindergarten classroom, or if they are thirteen begging you to drop them off away from school so that no one sees them with you as you lean in for one last hug and kiss on the cheek (if they allow it). No matter the case, just know that when they are with me, I promise to be not only their teacher, but their “school mom”. I may not be their real mom, but I promise to treat them as my own children. After all, they will always be my school babies.


Your child’s teacher 


Lacie Soileau
Lacie Soileau is a Louisiana Native originally from Ville Platte. She went to UL Lafayette and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She then went on to earn her Teaching Certification at Louisiana College in Pineville as well as a Master’s Degree in Teaching. She also recently completed her Educational Leadership Certification. She has been in education for ten years and is currently a Third Grade Teacher at Milton Elementary School. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 years and together they have 2 children – Rylie who is 10 going on 16 and Nathan who is 6 and is our little energizer bunny!. Lacie loves to read, write, shop and exercise! One of her favorite things about living in Lafayette is all of the delicious food! Her favorite things are coffee, any type of spicy food, and spending time with her husband and kids!


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