Back-To-School Made Easy

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Bliss, a new local school supply store that is making Lafayette Mom’s back to school experience easier!

Back-To-School Made Easy

My oldest daughter, Clara, turns five years old at the end of this month. Then a mere three weeks later, she starts kindergarten…big school…real school…five-days-a-week school.

I’m kind of freaking out.

Up until this point, our days have pretty much been unplanned, unstructured, and kind of care-free. Our only school experience was a three-day-per-week, three-hour-per-day preschool program that started at 9 a.m. This coming school year we will have to leave our house at the time we are usually strolling into the kitchen in our pajamas to eat breakfast. This is going to be an adjustment, to say the least.

But, instead of stressing myself out about all the changes, I decided to focus on getting Clara excited and prepared with her back-to-school essentials. I like simple and easy, so I knew online shopping was going to be my B.T.S. B.F.F.


Now that we are embarking on this new adventure into “big school,” we need “big kid gear.” I let Clara choose her backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle off the Pottery Barn Kids website, then we headed over to my parents’ shop, Trinity Graphx to have everything monogrammed. Now, Clara walks around the house almost every day wearing her backpack and carrying her lunch box. She is so proud!


I don’t really take my kids shopping for clothes. I usually just buy what I know they need, and that’s the end of it. So, I really didn’t think shopping for school uniforms needed to be any different. I ordered a variety of shorts, skorts, jumpers, and polos from Old Navy’s website. They were delivered to my door a few days later. I was able to have Clara try everything on in the comfort of our home without cramming into a tiny dressing room with two kids. Whatever didn’t fit was easily returned in the store, and we could go on with our day. Super simple.


As a child, I loved shopping for school supplies. But then I taught at a school where the teachers had to purchase all the supplies for their students, and I grew to hate it. It is stressful navigating the crowded, picked over aisles, and I always had to go to more than one store to find everything I needed. We won’t even talk about the check-out lines…

I was secretly dreading supply shopping with my kiddos, but I was willing to put on a brave face and make the most of it. And then I heard about a new local company called Bliss

Friends, do yourselves a favor and order your child’s supplies from BLISS-EDU.COM. This was hands-down the easiest task on our back-to-school prep list. Just type your child’s school name into their search bar, then select your child’s school, grade, and gender, if applicable. That’s it! For $35, I got my daughter’s entire supply list!

Clara was just as thrilled to open and sort through her supplies as she would have been to help me pick them out at the store. The delivery was incredibly quick, and I was so impressed with the high-quality brands they provide. I know Clara’s teachers will be happy to see trusted names like Crayola, Elmer’s, Fiscars’ and Expo on the supplies she brings in.

And the best part? You can use the code “LMB10OFF” for 10% off any order right now!

My soon-to-be-kindergartner is as prepared as she can be for her first day of school. We are both excited and nervous, and I know this will be a huge transition for our little family. But now that we have these necessities taken care of, we can just enjoy what’s left of our summer.

How do you make back-to-school a little more stress-free?


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