Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to Beach™

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Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to Beach™

Nestled in the northwest corner of Florida, Pensacola is the ultimate beach destination, boasting a one-of-a-kind fusion of history, culture and coastal allure. It’s a perfect quick-getaway from Lafayette. And, in Pensacola you’ll find that The Way To Beach™  is so much more that sugar-white sands and clear Gulf waters.

With roots dating back to 1559, this city wears its multicultural heritage proudly, with influences from Britain, France, and Spain that resonate through its architecture, local cuisine, and year-round festivals.  As you explore the streets of Downtown Pensacola, each step you take is a walk through history. The Downtown area is the entertainment and cultural hub of the city where you’ll find trendy shopping, dining and nightlife.

Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to BeachTM

Pensacola‘s coastal cuisine is a delicious reflection of the city’s multicultural heritage and proximity to the thriving Gulf fisheries. Whether your preferred dining style is toes in the sand, grouper sandwich in hand, an elegant waterfront restaurant with chef crafted cuisine, trendy downtown dining, or something in-between, Pensacola is the place to satisfy those seafood cravings. Rooted in the city’s rich history, culinary offerings span from French flavors to Spanish savors and the spice of southern Cajun cuisine. The cuisine here may lean toward the upscale, but the atmosphere is always unassuming and welcoming.

Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to BeachTMBut you haven’t truly experienced Pensacola until you dig your toes into the sugar-white sands and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the internationally renowned Pensacola and Perdido Key beaches. The beach culture here is effortlessly laid-back, inviting you to be yourself as you mingle with locals at beachside bars and restaurants. Be sure to sample Pensacola’s signature drink, the Bushwacker, a delicious frozen adult milkshake. These postcard-perfect beaches are easily accessible, with plenty of free parking to make your visit a breeze.

Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to BeachTMOn Perdido Key you can find your zen while exploring pristine beaches and extensive nature trails. Or, dive into aquatic adventures by swimming, snorkeling, diving or boating. 

On Pensacola Beach, you can easily find a quiet stretch of beach to while away the afternoon, or join in the hub of activity at the core of the beach where you’ll find restaurants, shopping and activities, all within walking distance. 

Both Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach are home to sections of Gulf Islands National Seashore – national park lands that comprise the longest federally-protected seashore in the U.S. Whether you’re lounging on the pristine beach, exploring historic forts, or hiking coastal trails, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure or relaxation.

Discover Why Pensacola is the Way to BeachTMPlan your trip  by visiting, where you’ll discover countless reasons why Pensacola will become your favorite beach destination. Best of all, it’s a quick, easy drive from Lafayette. Pensacola is The Way To Beach™ – a place where history, culture, and the breathtaking coastal beauty unite to create an unparalleled vacation experience that will create lasting memories. 


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