A Hallmark Christmas :: The Best Holiday Fun In Youngsville

A Hallmark Christmas :: The Best Holiday Fun In Youngsville

Have you ever experienced a Hallmark movie moment? Like when a simple cup of hot cocoa melts all the stress away. The sight of Santa makes everything right in the world. Neighbors passing on the street exchanging friendly conversation and genuine care. Angelic music that seems to come from the sky. I admit that I roll my eyes more often than not while watching a Hallmark movie but sometimes it is lovely to dream that simple moments can slow time and bring absolute joy during the most hectic times of the season.

This will be our third Christmas in Youngsville and I can certainly say that during Christmas time, I have stopped and thought: “Am I living a scene from a Hallmark movie?” Our little niche in Acadiana definitely shines the brightest during the holidays. Here are a few of my favorite (and soon to be favorite) Hallmark-worthy events in Youngsville.

 The Best Holiday Fun in Youngsville, Louisiana :: 

A Hallmark Christmas :: The Best Holiday Fun In Youngsville
Photo Courtesy of Golf Cart Santa

Golf Cart Santa

The first time I looked around and felt like I was in a scene from a movie was when my family and I experienced Golf Cart Santa. This traveling holiday celebration started as one golf cart decorated with Christmas lights, music, and Christmas inflatables. It has now grown into a six-family operation complete with a full team of dancing elves, inflatable guitars, bubble machines (with gallons of bubbles), bubble guns, an updated audio system, lights & decor; and a special dance with Santa and Mrs. Claus. You do not want to miss this festive show on the pavement.

**In years past, Golf Cart Santa (of Broussard) has made its way into several neighborhoods in Youngsville. This year, there will be one stop in Youngsville in the Sabal Palms neighborhood. You can still catch Golf Cart Santa at Stine’s and Y-Not Stop on the edge of Youngsville in Broussard, though. Follow their website for a complete list of “stops” and events. 

Roundabout Tour 

If one did not know … Youngsville is the roundabout capital of Louisiana! Roundabouts can be a bit dizzying but Christmas is a time to slow down. Gather your pals and (let your passengers) enjoy the sights of the roundabouts in Youngsville. For the holidays, each roundabout is lit aglow with Christmas lights. The most popular themed scenes are Penguins on Parade, Christmas Carnival, Toy Soldiers at the Veteran’s Roundabout, Tractor Riding Santa, Santa Land, Toy Land, The Skating Penguins, and Santa with His Snowmen. It does make running errands a bit more festive!

Songs of Christmas at Sugar Mill Pond 

On December 3rd, Youngsville Community Church will host “Songs of Christmas” at the gazebo in Sugar Mill Pond. The pond and gazebo are all dressed up for the holidays and I cannot imagine how angelic this event will feel. Youngsville Community Church will bring the “timeless melodies of the holiday season.” Carry a lawn chair or blanket and cozy up around the gazebo as you enjoy views of the Christmas lights around the pond and partake in the joy only the holidays can bring! It is also rumored that Santa Claus will make a visit!

Youngsville On Ice 

This BRAND NEW EVENT will be the perfect setting for a Hallmark movie! Ice skating, hot cocoa, local artisans … I can see a winter wonderland storyline developing as we speak! The “holiday theme park” will open to the public on November 25 and last through December 31st at the Youngsville Sports Complex. Beyond ice skating (in 80-degree weather? Heck yeah!), Youngsville on Ice will feature holiday shops, food trucks & beverage bars, face painting, skating lessons, live music & entertainment, and fun for the kiddos! Visit their website to purchase tickets and passes as well as check out events coming to THE ICE in SOUTH LOUISIANA! 

I hope this Christmas time will stand still so that I can bottle up all the joyful moments to be had here in Youngsville. And then one day, when I’m needing a Hallmark moment, reopen the bottle and experience it all over again!

Amanda Kosmer
Amanda grew up in East Texas with the last name of “Thibodeaux”. As a child, she found her last name was very odd and even more peculiar to pronounce! She and her husband are recent transplants to Youngsville where they are raising their two energetic boys. Amanda is a girly girl who loves all things feminine: the sparkle of new earrings; the glamour of a perfectly red lipstick. She has proclaimed to be many things: an old soul born in the wrong era, a land-locked mermaid, and a bull in a china shop. A booklover since she can remember, Amanda indulges herself in the smell of freshly printed pages and can’t stand the stench of an old book… she wonders “who else has touched that book and what images did they conjure up as they read the very same tale?” This thing is for certain, however, Amanda is a mother who believes in the power of Faith, dreams, and imagination. One of Amanda’s most favorite quotes by Erin Hanson gives wings to her dreams: “What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?”


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