Restaurants with Holiday Decor to Dine at This Holiday Season

Restaurants With Holiday Decor To Dine At This Holiday Season

I love a good dinner with a view. Great food and beautiful decorations are just the right combination to get me in the festive spirit! Plus, dinner with friends and family captures exactly what the essence of the holiday season is all about. So grab your loved ones and plan a trip!

Here are the best local restaurants to dine at this holiday season if you’re looking for a festive atmosphere!

Restaurants With Holiday Decor To Dine At This Holiday Season
Photo Credit: Tchoup’s MidCity Restaurant and Bar

Tchoup’s MidCity Restaurant and Bar

Tchoup’s MidCity Restaurant and Bar will have a family friendly atmosphere, with picture opportunities and signature drinks to celebrate this holiday season. Last year featured a beautiful photo op right at the entrance. Decorations are hung throughout the restaurant, including over the bar. Decor goes up on Nov. 29th! Don’t forget to check out their Jolly Holiday Dinner with Acadiana Santa!



Best Restaurants To Dine At With Holiday Decor
Photo Credit: Tchoup’s MidCity Restaurant and Bar
Restaurants With Holiday Decor To Dine At This Holiday Season
Photo Credit: Tchoup’s MidCity Restaurant and Bar


Adopted Dog Brewery

Adopted Dog Brewery will be decorated for the holidays starting Dec. 6th! Also be sure to check out their Winterfest 2023 event which will feature a visit from Acadiana Santa and photo ops for kids and pets alike. While this is such a fun way to get your fur baby in on the pictures with Santa, just remember that your pet must either sit next to Santa or be held by you. And if you order a pint of beer, don’t forget to vote for your favorite charity to support!

Pamplona Tapas Bar

Pamplona Tapas Bar has a long standing tradition of being beautifully decorated for the holidays. In fact, a reservation requires advanced ticket purchases to their Miracle Christmas-themed popup bar. Tickets go on sale November 15th. There are 12 themed cocktails for guests to enjoy along with a stunning display of Christmas decor. Pamplona will be closed for decorating Nov. 19, while the official Miracle popup begins Nov. 24th. Even better is that a portion of proceeds collected are distributed to charities and non-profits here in Acadiana!

El Paso Mexican Grill, Youngsville

El Paso Mexican Grill, Youngsville has a beautiful photo op awaits your family in the traditional green, red and white color scheme. Balloon Garlands are artistically hung from the ceiling, paired with lights hung across the store to complete this holiday ambiance. El Paso Mexican Grill even features margaritas with Christmas colored rim dusting to complete the meal. Grab your loved ones because decorations are already up!

Mercy Kitchen

While the exact date for decor has yet to be revealed, Mercy Kitchen is known for their great atmosphere and signature holiday cocktails.

Let us know if there are any other restaurants we should visit this holiday season!

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