Another Option Other Than Ozempic :: Intermittent Fasting

Editor’s Note :: this post is one mom’s personal journey with intermittent fasting. If you are interested in implementing intermittent fasting into your own lifestyle, please consult a medical professional.

Another Option Other Than Ozempic :: Intermittent Fasting

The Ozempic craze is here! You probably know someone who has tried and successfully lost weight with this highly acclaimed new drug. If you are unfamiliar with Ozempic (or Wegovy), let’s take a second for some education. Originally developed for those with diabetes, researchers found there was a side effect of weight loss for those who used this drug. From Hollywood to the neighbor down the street, the world cannot stop talking about this option and the incredible results it can bring. Sounds too good to be true, right?

For some, it is. There have been those who have experience very adverse reactions, ended up hospitalized, some even developing serious medical conditions. For others, the drug actually hasn’t worked to help them with weight loss. And that is before we even touch on the significant cost of this elusive prescription: many report paying $300-$500 A MONTH for access. This is under the assumption your doctor prescribes it. Due to the remarkable demand, many doctors will only prescribe for extreme cases, such as patients who have actual diabetes or who are severely overweight.

Of course – once you stop taking the drug, the effects can stop. While many report losing their appetite and cravings (or food drama) on the medication, they do return back just as you experienced before. This isn’t to say that Ozempic hasn’t been great for some people and exactly what they have needed. But there are a few different reasons why it may not be the solution for all.

I personally went back and forth if I should ask my doctor for a prescription.

I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time and while I have tried diet and exercise many times, after having my first child and losing a lot of free time to devote to said diet and exercise, I saw the scale creep up even higher than before. But still – I paused. The side effects sounded horrendous to me. Non-stop nausea akin to morning sickness, which gutted me in my pregnancy did not sound like something I could sign-up for. The price was appalling. And then, I couldn’t accept that I would have to take something for the rest of life to keep the weight off. And okay, if we’re honest, I have a fear of having critical digestive issues and the very small amount of people who experienced this made my confidence shaky.

I wanted to try this again on my own and somehow, I ended up with the intermittent fasting method.

Another Option Other Than Ozempic :: Intermittent FastingI’m also doing a lot more too. I’m using my Peloton every day (usually only 30 minutes), eating more whole and healthful food, trying to watch sodium and sugar – but not super strict – while still enjoying treats in moderation.

It really has shocked me how the pounds come off! There is just one rule I live by which is allowing a 16 hour gap between dinner and my next meal. This means I am done with dinner anywhere from 5-8 which means I won’t eat again until 9-12. My stomach has shrunk, cravings have decreased, and I’m able to experience a freedom of food I haven’t felt for many years. Now, this isn’t my first rodeo and I know there is a honeymoon period with a new health change. But this is by far the least amount of rules I have set for myself and the first time I am not following a strictly outlined plan such as –  “Only eat these food groups, only eat this many calories, only eat this many points, make sure this is a high carb/low carb meal,” etc etc.

Using medications like Ozempic has been life changing and necessary for some and we should never want to diminish or shame those who have used this as an option. Getting our bodies at a healthier weight and state is always something to celebrate.

However, if you have any reservations, I encourage you to look into some other options. Cheers to a new year of healthy habits in 2024! 🙌🏻

Katie Templet
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