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Never in a million years would I have pictured me as a homeschool mom. I admit that I do not possess the glorious patience of some other moms, and more often than not, my creative side is involved in a Pinterest fail. Still, I jumped into homeschooling with both feet and hoped for the best.

Our homeschool journey

We started this journey less out of need and more out of a bit of selfishness and a love for travel. My husband and I are both lucky enough to be remote employees, which allows us to travel without many things holding us back. We decided we want our children to do and see more than we did as children; we want them to see the world. However, the traditional school system isn’t keen on unexcused absences, even if they are educational trips.

I’m starting year two of homeschooling and want to share some of the things I’ve learned so far. There’s still a lot of mystery and whispering about homeschooling in some corners. Those of us who have taken the homeschool path want to make it less mysterious and I’d love to clear the air about some of these misconceptions and give anyone considering homeschooling an unfiltered view.

Let’s talk about stereotypes. 

We can’t deny there are a few negative stereotypes that are associated with the idea of homeschool. When people think of homeschool they think of children who lack socialization, are “weird” and don’t do any actual school work. 

I am here to assure you my children are neither anti-social nor weird, and the hours I spend lesson planning would suggest that we do have schoolwork. How could they ever be anti-social with a mom that talks as much as me? Homeschooler Tim Tebow married Miss Universe, how’s that for weird?

Self Doubt: Am I good enough?

I initially wondered if I was smart, creative, hands-on, or patient enough to be good at this. How could I ever take on the sole responsibility of educating my children and expect to do it well? Am I doing enough to assure that they will be successful in the future? Who would be there to tell me if I am even doing this right?

More than a few times in the last two years I have had to relearn things with my children. What is a cumulus cloud again? And holy long division! Homeschool moms are not immune to the childhood “ I don’t want to’s,”  tantrums, or silent treatments. We take those days in stride, cry in the bathroom, grab a coffee and press on! 

What if I do it wrong?

News flash, there is no right or wrong. There is what works for you and your child and what doesn’t. Your curriculum, your pace, your experiences. Everyone learns differently and you now can do what is right and works for your child!

More families are transitioning to homeschool now than ever before. What does that mean for us newbs or those of us considering homeschool? More resources, more friendly faces to share our wins and struggles, and more circles for us to be a part of. The homeschool community is amazing and everyone wants to see everyone else succeed! Some groups facilitate small group gatherings, field trips, dances, and even graduation! 

I realize that being able to homeschool my children is a luxury and one I shouldn’t take for granted. While some days I beg for a coffee break, a nap, or a second away from the chaos, most days I am thankful that I can give them a personalized education and travel experiences that will be with them forever. The only thing your child needs is for you to be your best you!

If you have ever thought about homeschooling, reach out. There are homeschool families all around Lafayette!

Ali Comeaux
Ali is a homeschooling mama of 2 kiddos, Ella, 11 and Cohen, 9. She and her husband Jansey are originally from Acadiana and have finally returned home after 10 years of living around the world. She recently graduated from LSU with a Master’s in Higher Education, and she is currently in the Doctorate program in Educational Leadership at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Once a Cajun, always a cajun! She is a full-time mom, wife, teacher, maid, chauffeur, and student. She and her family love to travel and do so as often as possible. In her spare time, she enjoys rescuing animals and currently has 2 dogs, 3 cats, a guinea pig, a bird, and a fish. Her hobbies including crafting all of the things, cooking, and binge-watching reality tv late at night.


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