The Three Trips You Need To Take

The Three Trips You Need To Take

Summer is here! Raise a glass to yourself, you survived yet another school year. Summer usually means warm temps, longer days, and vacations. I am sure many of us are yearning for a vacation. I know I am! In the grand scheme of things, there are three types of trips we should be taking.

Family Vacation

The family vacation is the trip that is for the kids. Let’s be honest, its actually more work for us moms. But the idea of making memories and exploring new territories with you family, makes it worth it. The family trip can include extended family or just your immediate family. Either way, the goal is to make memories.These trips don’t have to break the bank, they can be a quick ride down the highway to explore the next town over, an overnight camping trip in a local state park, or a weekend getaway to a waterpark. I am a huge fan taking multiple adventures. Rather than taking one big trip, take several small adventures to places nearby. There are tons of places in Louisiana that offer fun and educational family fun. Now if money is not a factor, the sky is the limit!


The “Bae-cation” is for you and your significant other. This is when you get a someone to watch the kids for a few days, and you and your partner get some alone time. This may be the most important trip you take. It gives you and your loved one time to breathe, relax, and reconnect. This is when you are no longer Mommy and Daddy; you are the carefree people you were before those little ones came along. Now, this trip does not have to be taken during the summer. It is one of those things that you squeeze in when you can. Perhaps one of you has to go out of town for a work conference, the other can tag along and you stay an extra day or two. Maybe you catch a concert in another town and you make a weekend of it. This trip can also be a staycation. If your kids go to the grandparents for the weekend, use that as a time to spend quality time with your honey. The main goal of this trip is to reconnect.


The “Me-cation” is for you! This will probably be the hardest trip for you to take, but it just may be the most important trip you take. Ok, hear me out on this one. Imagine you wake up, you leave your home. Maybe go to brunch, do a little shopping, have a spa day, whatever floats your boat. Then you check into a hotel room. Just you. No spouse. No kids. You can take a nap, an uninterrupted bath, read a book, watch a movie, go to dinner, you can do whatever you want. The purpose of this trip is to relax and recharge. It does not have to be a long trip; it can be one night or a weekend getaway. This trip can be in your town. In my mind, this is the perfect Mother’s Day or birthday gift. You can also include your girls into this. Maybe a girl’s night out to reconnect with your friends.

The Three Trips You Need To Take

All three of these trips provide balance in your life. By spacing them out throughout the year, it gives you something to look forward to. I hope you can incorporate these trips into your schedule and make memories, reconnect and recharge.

Happy Travels!

Torilyn Williams
Torilyn Williams is a Louisiana native, born and raised in New Orleans. She moved to Lafayette to attend UL Lafayette, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Life Sciences. Tori is blessed to be the wife of her ambitious and hardworking husband, Damian. The devoted mom of Tatum Marie (6) and Aubrey Malia (5) and bonus mom to Damian Jr. (20). Tori has been working in the banking industry for over fifteen years. She is a member of Junior League Lafayette. Tori has a heart for volunteerism, she loves to give back to the community and mentor the youth. Tori is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to chronicle her food adventures on Instagram (@Dashofwilliams). Outside of work you can find Tori spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying new recipes, and working out. Tori is always down for a good meal with family or a shopping trip!


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