Poche’s Patch & Maze :: How My Dream Turned into My Reality

Poche’s Patch & Maze :: How My Dream Turned into MyReality

Opening a pumpkin patch became a dream of mine almost 8 years ago when I told my husband Mitch, “Come on, our last name is perfect for it, Poche’s Patch!” His response was something along the lines of, yes it would be fun but you can’t leave us for three months out of the year and move to Lafayette when our girls are all school-aged.

Fast forward to 2020, pregnant with our 3rd child, the pandemic sparked a desire to move to Lafayette and the stars aligned. It wasn’t a hard decision at the time as we said we would just get through the pandemic and move back to New Orleans, a city we so dearly love.

In October 2020, our first year here in Lafayette, we had to bring the girls to a local grocery store to pick their pumpkins. I said, under my breath, “I’m opening a patch!” Mitch replied, “Chill Jamie, this is just because of the pandemic. Lafayette for sure has a patch usually.” Then came October 2021, and once again, no patch to take my kids to pick pumpkins, take pictures, and make fun fall memories like we had in New Orleans.

I said it again, “I’m opening a patch!” This time Mitch knew I was serious, but he gently expressed that timing is important. With us opening our family business, FilterGenie, it was definitely not the right time. I obliged; however, I opened my computer and I went to work. I explored, I researched, I made connections, and I made a plan for if and when. And then, I put it away. In August 2022, I was informed of a potential nursing position that interested me so I got out my computer to size up my resume, and BAM, there it was, my Poche’’s Patch Plan! My husband and our realtor thought it was too late to get it going for this year. I’m the first to say it’s a bit insane and way rushed. I promised that I would not jam a square peg in a round hole to make it happen, but for the life of me, I wanted to try! It’s important for me to show my girls that we can do anything with hard work and faith. God has shown up in the most amazing, most crazy, and humbling ways.

Everything lined up for Poche’s Patch & Maze to open this year, scaled down some from my grand plans. So here we are! We are ecstatic to be creating an open-air space for Louisianians to make lifelong, fun fall memories. We have lots for you and your families to enjoy! Our community has been incredible, sharing their support in countless ways. There is no way this could be possible without our family and dozens of old and new friends helping in the process.

Poche’s Patch & Maze

Poche’s Patch & Maze is a fun space for all ages! Bring a blanket or a chair and come spend some time with us at the patch! No outside food or drinks are allowed as we will have a concession stand for all of your needs. Big heads up, we are only accepting cash and we do not have an ATM on site. I am totally the mom who does not have cash on hand so this stresses me out a little to even tell you, but it is the only way we could make it happen this quickly this year!

Our mazes are sure to amaze and we have a bunch of photo ops for you to capture fun and pretty fall memories. Wait until you see our “How Tall This Fall” wall! The photo ops are endless and if you have never slid down a culvert, you are in for a big treat! It makes my heart smile so big to think of the smiles on your kids’ faces! That is what I’m most excited about, the smiles!

We’re not just picking pumpkins this year … we’re having tons of activities for kids!

Think hay bale mazes, culvert slides, huge legos, several photo booths, concession stand, and more!

Know Before You Go

Where :: 900 Guilbeau Rd. Lafayette, La, 70506

When :: October 1-November 23, 2022 |  Mon-Fri 3pm-6:30pm | Sat & Sun 10am-6:30pm | (closed Mon. Oct 31)

Cost :: Entry fee is $10 per person, or upgrade $5 per person for our ‘Pumpkin Pass’ ($15 total/person) and you take a pumpkin home!

**NOTE :: No pets allowed!**

We are also booking field trips during the day! (The patch will not be open to the public during those times.) **Contact [email protected] for field trip details**

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We hope you’ll visit Poche’s Patch & Maze with your family!