Where To See Halloween Decorations In Lafayette

Where To See Halloween Decorations In Lafayette

Edited To Add :: Several new houses have been added to the list! We love seeing all the creative ways to decorate!

My kids love any reason to celebrate. They live for the holidays and all the decorations – inflatables, impressive structures, lights. We love driving by houses decorated for the holiday, but we also frequently take holiday decoration walks in our neighborhood. So for all those decorated houses we’ve stopped to look at, THANK YOU!

Here are the best Halloween decorations around town!


Where To See Halloween Decorations In LafayetteValcour Place 

This house has tons of yard decorations and a good mix of inflatables, tall structures and small details. Last year, they even built a zipline across the street with skeletons hanging from the line.

San Marcos Drive

This house has a whole home projection show! A very unique Halloween viewing experience. As an added tidbit, this house also had a Christmas themed show a few months later.

Where To See Halloween Decorations In LafayetteCrestmont Blvd

The theme of this house is Geauxst & Goblins Graveyard. A witch on the far side of the house is brewing a poisonous roux turning the front yard into a graveyard. A massive spider breaks through the webs as a skeleton horse and henchman pull a coffin. This house also participates in Skeletons for St. Jude!

Where To See Halloween Decorations In Lafayette

Acres Dr.

Beheading skeletons gives way to a graveyard scene. My kids also loved the 12 ft. skeleton walking its two pet spiders on a leash.




Where to see halloween decorations in Lafayette Clay Ridge Dr. 

It’s definitely worth the stop to get an up-close view of the decorations. This house would be perfect to see at night when it is illuminated. A yard filled with mummies, skeletons and werewolves. You might even see a few ducks in their natural habitat.

Vert Rd. 

In the bend of Vert. Rd. is a house decked out with skeletons playing volleyball. With something covering every square inch of the yard and porch, there is tons to look at!

Braxton Dr.


Bellevue Plantation

Where To See Halloween Decorations In Lafayette

About halfway down the road,there are two houses, situated across the street from one another. One house has unique decorations that we haven’t seen anywhere else with a new theme every year. Some decorations are even homemade. This year includes a pirate ship, complete with pirate skeletons, and a larger than life skeleton that appears to be pulling himself out of the ground.

On the other side of the road is house that brings the ultimate spooky experience to Halloween with eerie dolls and a graveyard scene. This house is worth seeing both in the daytime to marvel at all the details and again at night as the yard is illuminated red.

Where to see halloween decorations in Lafayette

LaFleur Circle

The right side of this street is super fun as every house as some kind of decoration up. A few houses down you’ll come across has several witches and clowns on display. Even more impressive is the house at the end of the street with with skeletons and grim reapers galore. A three-headed guard dog greets you at the entrance. A drummer using bones as drumsticks and bride and groom skeletons. This house also raises funds for The Healing House.

Harwell Drive

This house has a skeleton theme, but not just human skeletons. Skeletons of any kind, bird, dog, snakes. So many skeletons! I honestly didn’t even know there were so many options. Be aware of the dog eating skeleton! This is another house worth visiting during the day to get a good look at all the skeleton types and again at night!

Where to see halloween decorations in lafayetteWhere to see Halloween Decorations in lafayette

Where to see halloween decorations in lafayetteHarrell Dr. 

This house has a nice mix of large statues and inflatables, several even with animation. With a little bit of everything, from Nightmare Before Christmas, cute black cats to skeletons – there is something for everyone to find and love!

Raywood Drive 

This house is decked out as a graveyard with jack-o-lanterns spread throughout.

Santa Cruz Dr.

This house has digital displays which makes this the perfect house to view at night.

Old Silo Road 

This house features a haunted mansion theme with digital ghost projections on multiple windows which makes this the perfect house to add to your evening list!

Breaux Bridge

Spooktacular on Poydras  

Spooktacular on Poydras has so many features to look at and even a photo opp! You can check out the facebook page to give you an idea of what to expect. This is another house that offers viewers the chance to donate to a good cause with St. Jude as their recipient.

I only recently learned about this website that has more houses listed. I can’t wait to check these out with my kids!

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