Secret Life of a Realtor: Top 4 Tips If You Are Selling or Buying

I am serving up my Top 4 Secrets for Buyers & Sellers to help you prepare for the busy summer season in the housing market. Summer is on the way which means the housing market is in full swing! Housing is essential and COVID-19 has only proved that evermore since we have all been home for the past eight-plus weeks. As a Realtor, wife, mom, and more I have noticed that where we live matters more than ever. Does the house you call home fit your needs? Maybe even more importantly, have your neighbors become friends since COVID-19 came about? When you buy a home, you buy into a neighborhood and we see the importance of those neighbors, some helping to keep our sanity now more than ever. Shout out to my amazing neighbors who have shared much-needed adult beverages with me driveways apart, relating to the all-day kid wrangling while working. 


#1. Listen to your Realtor. As your Realtor, I am the expert to put you in the best position possible to sell your house for top dollar. I provide customized analysis which suggests an appropriate price for your home in the current market based on condition, location, and size. 

#2. Be prepared to think differently about your home. It is tough, but you must emotionally detach from the memories that adorn your home and think of it as your biggest asset. Silver lining: You get to bring your memories with you to your new home! 

#3. Renovations don’t match dollar for dollar in the final sale price of your home. As a Realtor, I work with buyers every day and listen to their feedback as we tour homes. I know the trends of the Buyers in the market and can use that feedback to help you, the Seller, prepare your home for the market! Consult me for suggestions before you renovate in preparation for selling your home. 

#4. Say Yes. The more you say yes to showing, the higher the chance of getting an offer! Keep your home ‘show’ ready so you can approve showings immediately. 


#1. Get pre-approved. MythBusters here to rock your world because the first call you need to make in your home buying search is to your Lender. I will not show houses to my clients until I know their budget. I am not in the business of breaking hearts, so I want to ensure I show you homes you can fall in love with and afford! I work with a team of Lenders from independent institutions and local banks that can help you get approved. 

#2. Narrow your search. I suggest to my clients that they pick their top four houses to view in person after seeing what is available on-line. This helps eliminate distractions and keeps you from being overwhelmed with the choices available. 

#3. The right time to buy a house is when you find the one for you. As a realtor, I get asked all of the time, “Is now a good time to buy a house?”. The housing market is ever-changing, so if you are looking for a new house you need to be ready for your dream home to come on the market anytime (read: get pre-approved). 

#4. Listen to your Realtor. As your Realtor, I provide price analysis of any home you are seriously considering making an offer on. I take pride in leading my clients during the contract and negotiations of a deal. I am on your team and we are working towards the same goal to get you into your perfect house! 

I enjoy being able to help individuals and families solve their real estate needs and make their dreams come true. If you have any questions about buying or are ready to get your house on the market I would be happy to chat with you. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or talk/text 337-704-7101.

Blair Broussard is a licensed Realtor by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission with District South Real Estate Co. 

Office located at 300 Rue Beauregard BLDG H Lafayette, LA 70503 Office: 337-534-0555 

Contact via social media here: FB or IG


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