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It’s been years since I’ve been on a proper date. Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment because what I’m embarking upon now gives me so much satisfaction and empowerment.

I’ve taken up “Mom Dating.” You know, hitting up a cool shop with one of my mom friends. It may not even that hip of a space, but where you bring your attitude, there is coolness, so there.

I’m limited on alone time from my four fellas. The online swiping thing was awkward and only lasted approximately six hours. I never felt so Boomer … swiping the wrong way, discovering too many guys from Side Bar days that were still available, seeing my co-parent’s profile pop up. Uninstall.

Implement Mom Dates

It’s an opportunity to hang out with someone whom I respect and adore; plus, we appreciate our mutual finite time.

Here’s an example: I wanted to meet one of the fabulous women that I contribute with on this wonderful platform. We had commenting streaks on mutual threads and decided that we should meet. This whole quarantine thing made it more difficult, but she mentioned she was looking for furniture. I needed bunk beds for the bitty boys. We agreed upon meeting at Home Furniture.

As we meandered to the children’s section, I immediately found the perfect set to match the existing jungle gym beds — at half the price of what I was going to spend at another store. Within five minutes, we used the adrenaline rush of the perfect find to stroll through the store and check out couch cushions.

An hour and half later, we had bonded after reimagining our homes’ decor, discussing parenting techniques, and learning about one another’s history. It was quite a unique way to meet someone. It combined a productive errand with brainstorming future concepts. Perfectly balanced.

Keep it Simple

Another simple outing I’ve experienced lately was heading to Sam’s with a gal pal. Nothing says friendship like perusing through an oversized aisle filled with everything from tube socks to kombucha to air fryers. There are even treats along the way! Honestly, their sushi is pretty delish and a delightful way to have lunch in the minivan after shopping. Can you sense my level of high maintenance?

Seriously. Being sequestered at home can get you down. If you have the chance to coordinate errands with a friend, it can utilize both of your time and make the mundane infinitely more fun.

Like Izaak Walton said, “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” Find some stolen moments with a friend and continue to make the new normal a rad routine.  

E. B. Livings
E.B. Livings moonlights as a mother of four sons and a teacher of English to high school seniors. She spends her days nurturing 150 people and her dog, Millie. She writes from her comfortable hometown of Rayne. She spent the first decade of the millennium at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Chances are she was your Orientation leader or you read her stuff in The Vermilion or 008 Magazine. She completed a Master's of Arts in Teaching at McNeese in 2017. Her hobbies are as eclectic as her outfits. When she's not guiding her gentlemen through earthly endeavors, she may be found practicing piano or running. In the chaos of loud boy-mom life, she finds solitude doing yoga, praying, or rocking on her back patio while strumming her guitar. You can explore more of her thought experiments at leecee.wordpress.com.


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