Here’s A New Activity To Do With Your Child :: Write A Book Together

Here’s A New Activity To Do With Your Child :: Write A Book Together

The other day as I perused the craft aisle of the dollar store, I scooped up a pack of blank books. My son loves to draw and write on paper, and he loves it even more when the paper is bound together (oh, the things they cherish).

Over the weekend he was telling me a story about something, a ninja or a dragon. It didn’t make much sense, but I listened, or at least pretended to. Then I remembered the pack of blank books. I asked him if he wanted to write a book about whatever it was he was going on and on about and he excitedly replied, “Yes!”

I told him to tell me the story he was telling me from the beginning. But, as any parent of a four-year-old can attest, guiding a young mind to craft a coherent story is no easier than herding cats. So we thought of a few topics he would want to write a story about. The usual suspects emerged: dinosaurs, ninjas, superheroes, something about a circus on the beach. We narrowed down our list and decided on Superheroes. Superhero School to be exact.

Here's A New Activity To Do With Your Child :: Write A Book TogetherIt started off fine – a kid with his namesake wakes up one morning and goes to superhero school. But once he started talking about eating ice cream on the back of a lion, I figured I had to reign in the narrative and I guided him through the plot of the story. Well to be perfectly honest, I pulled out the secret weapon, ChatGPT, and our AI muse guided us in telling the perfect story. With a few tweaks of course, to make it our own.


Here's A New Activity To Do With Your Child :: Write A Book Together

As I penned the words onto the blank pages, my son took a more curious interest.

So anytime we came upon a sight word in our story, I handed over the pencil and had him scribe the word. Once the story was complete, I gave the book to my son and he took on the role of illustrator. He drew pictures of kids in capes lifting really heavy pillows (his idea, not mine or ChatGPTs), running at super speed in the cafeteria line, and helping save a friend who had fallen off the swing set.

“Cam Goes to Superhero School” became our nightly book that week, and my son was super proud to show it to anyone who would read it. We have a list of other book topics just waiting to be written and ever since, my boy has been practicing his storytelling skills.

Our first superhero book may not make it on the bestseller list, but I have a feeling that maybe just one day, one of our books will.

Alexis Marino
Alexis and her husband moved to Lafayette in 2019 when she was 5 months pregnant with their first child. Now, they live in Broussard with their 4-year-old son, Cam, and 2-year-old daughter, Marlo. Having grown up in New Orleans and living in Baton Rouge for over a decade, Alexis is happiest on this side of the Basin. Alexis loves all things Acadiana - from the never-ending events and festivals to the vibrant culture. She is the content specialist for a local startup and a contributing writer for Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine. When she isn't interviewing locals or brainstorming her next article, Alexis is most likely reading about nutrition and healthy living, having a dance (or paint) party with her kids, or sending her husband links to vacant lots (probably out of their budget) to build her dream home. Follow Alexis on Instagram.


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