Kicking The Caffeine Habit

Kicking The Caffeine Habit

My love affair with coffee began when I worked in a small coffee shop in college (shout out to Cafe Mosaic in Eunice and Reve Roasters!). It was and still is my dream job. My days were spent surrounded by freshly ground coffee, hand-packing espresso beans, and feeling pride as I brewed a picture-perfect shot of espresso. As I got older and moved on from my barista days, I savored the ritual of brewing a great cup of coffee and settling in with a book for some quiet time.

It was the all-day fuel I ran to while in college and during my early days of motherhood.

I needed that caffeine to sustain me when restful sleep was not possible. Or pop into a coffee shop for a sweet treat as a reward for conquering another goal or tough week. Coffee is a comfort, luxury, simple joy, and fond memory- for me and many others.
So when my anxiety levels rocketed, and I figured out that caffeine may have a little something to contribute to my distress, I was very disappointed. Taking a long look at the side effects of coffee on my health and quality of life made changing my coffee habit a no-brainer.

I will not lie and tell you that I’ve found the perfect coffee replacement and never miss drinking it. I do. But I have found ways to still partake in the ritual of brewing and keep some warmth and cute mugs a part of my morning routine.

So, if you have found yourself in a similar situation, whether it is because of hormones (hello middle-aged), insomnia, or general anxiety, let me share with you some of my new go-to’s that are a little more interesting than just regular old decaf.

When I want the taste of coffee but no caffeine, I turn to DandyBlend, which is roasted dandelion root and chicory. It comes in powdered form, so I add hot water and a tablespoon of powder and mix. You can add cream or sugar just like a regular cup of coffee or even use your frother for a nice latte-like beverage. I’ve even made iced drinks with it when I need an iced coffee treat without a racing heart or sleepless nights.

Bone broth was a surprising substitute for me. I started drinking broth every morning in the hospital after delivering my third child. The hospital included a bowl of broth with my breakfast each morning, and I liked it. I incorporated it occasionally, even after I was home, and I found it comforting and filling. Bone broth also serves up a little extra protein in my day, which keeps me satiated throughout the morning. I usually buy several different broth brands, or if I have time, I make my own. It goes into a mug, and I heat it up, add some salt or herbs, and go about my day sipping away.

Kicking The Caffeine Habit

Tea is a given, but there are many to choose from, and some still contain caffeine. I prefer herbal teas and have ventured into loose-leaf teas to make blends. My favorite teas are peppermint and ginger tea for a little kick or plain lemon and honey in hot water.

If you need or want to reduce your caffeine consumption, take it slow- I do not recommend going cold turkey on caffeine. Even though I knew that caffeine was the source of my issues, I began to lessen the amount of coffee I drank each day little by little, eventually going days between having any caffeine before just stopping altogether. Doing it this way, I avoided the headaches and (some) of the irritability that come with caffeine withdrawal. Make sure to stay hydrated and rest. It seems counterintuitive because energy and caffeine go together like peas and carrots, but even exercise helps. However, look at any pre-workout drinks or supplements you may consume- those often contain caffeine.

Be kind to yourself—habits are hard to break, and new ones are hard to build. You’ll still see me with a coffee house treat in hand every once in a blue moon. Still, ultimately, I know that no matter how delicious coffee is, my life is much improved without it regularly appearing on my daily beverage roster.

Mallory Moser
Mallory, a Louisiana native born in Opelousas, spent most of her childhood years in the surroundings of Carencro. She and her husband met in Eunice, and together they embarked on a journey guided by her husband's Marine Corps service. San Diego, California, became their cherished home, where they raised their three children before life led them back to Louisiana in 2019. Mallory has navigated the legal realm for the last fifteen years. Her path took an exciting turn recently as she embraced the broadcasting world over the previous four years. On the weekends, Mallory finds solace in the pages of books - usually reading Neil Gaiman or her book club's chosen book of the month. She cherishes moments spent walking the family dogs and embarking on bike rides with her kids and husband.


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