Mallory Moser

Mallory, a Louisiana native born in Opelousas, spent most of her childhood years in the surroundings of Carencro. She and her husband met in Eunice, and together they embarked on a journey guided by her husband's Marine Corps service. San Diego, California, became their cherished home, where they raised their three children before life led them back to Louisiana in 2019. Mallory has navigated the legal realm for the last fifteen years. Her path took an exciting turn recently as she embraced the broadcasting world over the previous four years. On the weekends, Mallory finds solace in the pages of books - usually reading Neil Gaiman or her book club's chosen book of the month. She cherishes moments spent walking the family dogs and embarking on bike rides with her kids and husband.

Cracking Open A Damaging Trend

Cracking Open A Damaging Trend Social media trends come and go. They can range from tame (remember "planking") to dangerous. One of the latest trends on social media is called "TikTok egg crack," where an...

The Buzzkill Of Therapy Buzzwords

The Buzzkill Of Therapy Buzzwords It is everywhere you do not want it to be! And no, I am not referring to microplastics. I am talking about therapy speak. Narcissists, gas-lighting, and boundaries - oh...
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The Confident Self-Advocate

The Confident Self-Advocate I have dubbed this year "the year of the antibiotic" because we have picked up more prescriptions from the pharmacy than ever before. Tooth infections, skin infections, infection, infection, illness. I have...