Not Letting Other Opinions Define You!

Not Letting Other Opinions Define You!

As a society, we tend to judge people and give our opinions freely to others whether or not they ask for it. I recently experienced the opinion of not one but two different people in a 24 hour period of “their” view of me during a conversation with each one. I listened to what each had to say and then I actually googled what each one meant.

Not Letting Other Opinions Define You!From there, I took into account what they were saying and decided that I wasn’t going to define myself by another persons view of me.

Minimalism Made Simple offers ways to handle unsolicited advice or opinions:

1. Take a deep breath and count to 10 before responding

2. Stop talking

3. Smile and thank them for their concern

4. Change the topic of discussion

5. Thank them for their input and do what you feel is best for you

“It’s natural to want others to like and respect us, but worrying too much about thoughts others hold about you could injure your mental health.

In some cases, putting too much time and energy into worrying what other people think can be harmful to your self-image and mental health. Taking others opinions as truth can lead to a vicious cycle of insecurity and vulnerability.” Psych Central 

Not Letting Other Opinions Define You!At the end of the day, you will find yourself with your own thoughts and opinions. I myself as a Christian, I take it to God. I pray and seek his guidance. I know where I have been, where I’m at and I know where I am going. With God on my side, who can be against me? I am not saying I do not value someone else’s opinion to an extent; however, I will never let what someone else thinks of me define who I am or dictate how I am going to live my life. I will seek God in each and every situation, and if what they have said doesn’t line up with what God says, then I will pray for the situation and be thankful that I have the strength and ability to overcome what others may think and continue with my day.

Kim Negrete
I am a Wife and A 1st Time Mommie@49 years of age, to A Beautiful Miracle Baby Girl. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and Have been in Cajun Country since 2005. Prior to my daughter's birth which gave me my Dream Job as a Stay at Home Mom I was in the hospitality industry and before that the transportation industry. My Husband is From Mexico and is in Construction . We love to do Destination Birthdays at The Beach and Travel to Dallas as often as possible to see MiMi. We Love GOD and Put him 1st in All things we do. We Love to just hang out at home in our backyard and enjoy our Daughter... We are The Negrete's Party of Three😇


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