Summer Backyard Water Fun Essentials

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Summer Backyard Water Fun Essentials

Summer is synonymous with water fun. While we do take advantage of the pools available around Lafayette, or even the splash pads, but sometimes the trek (and prep) to the pool would be longer than the time spent at the pool. I was in search of backyard water fun essentials that would tire these kids out in the sun. We used all of these items last summer and have already started using them this year again!

Inflatable Water Park Slide:

My kids love this! A huge benefit is that this inflates in less than 2 minutes so set up time is incredibly short. Last year, my kids were 3.5 and 1.5 years old. My 1.5 year old struggled slightly to climb up the slide, with the varying handle bars and foot holds, but by the end of the summer he had mastered it. I love that the water collects at the bottom of the pool area instead of spilling everywhere. I’ve paired this with several water toys – like the fishing rod with floating fish. I’ve even brought balls from the ball pit, or plastic play food. They do make smaller versions of this toy, but I figured it was a larger purchase and I wanted to ensure the kids didn’t outgrow this too soon. Before storing this, drain the water and let it sit outside in the summer sun fully inflated for a little while longer to dry all areas of the slide. This prevents any kid of water mildew from gathering while it’s in storage.

Kiddie Wadding Pool:

I know what you’re thinking – your kid outgrew this after their first summer. Well I’m here to tell you ways to use this piece of plastic to your benefit. If your kids are anything like mine, they are constantly running in and out and all throughout the backyard. Grass gets all over their feet and eventually into the water slide if it weren’t for this rinse pool. Fill this little pool with some water and set it in front of the inflatable water slide. By stepping in the wadding pool first, the grass floats off their feet before stepping into the water slide pool – keeping the water slide pool cleaner. I also use this when we play with the water table. I set the water table inside the pool so the kids can stand in water while they play. It keeps them cooler and collects the water spilled during play. They can scoop the water from the kiddie pool back into the water table so the fun never ends!

Water Table:

There are so many versions of this out there. Ultimately, you can decide what your child would like most. Personally, I have an old hand me down water table that has seen plenty of sun. But my kids still love the water table. It’s fun to play with favorite toys outside in the water, giving them baths (such as this water baby, Paw Patrol figures, Barbie or plastic play food). And like I mentioned above, I place this inside the wadding pool for extra water fun.

Water Transfer Pump: 

I got this battery operated water transfer pump. You can also get this as an electrical version or an aquarium pump in which the pump sits in the water. My kids are clearly obsessed with continual water flow during play, so this pump provides exactly that. With the tube flowing through the top portion of the water table to make continuous rain drops. Holding cups underneath to collect water and water the plants is one of their favorite activities.

Reusable Water Balloons:

Reusable water balloons are super fun because the kids can fill them themselves time and time again with no parent effort required. Plus there are no balloon fragments to pick up throughout the yard!

How do you keep cool in the summer?



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