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If you are a parent looking for things to do with kids in the Lafayette, LA area, you have come to the best place. Whether you are looking for the best snowball stands in Lafayette, swim lessons for your littles or other ways to enjoy family time with your kids in Lafayette, Lafayette Mom has you covered! We also have suggestions for the best places to get crawfish in Acadiana, as well as family vacation ideas that are within easy driving distance of Lafayette. 

Where to Swim :: A Guide to Lafayette Pools 

where to swim in Lafayette, LA

With the arrival of Spring comes the almost arrival of all things summer and it’s normal to begin looking for Lafayette pools. For most moms with toddler aged little ones and above, one of the questions that is bound to be asked is: “Mom, can we go swimming?” And for those of us who lack the dreamy poolside backyard havens, it can be kind of tricky to answer. More than likely, while you probably enjoyed a good pool day as much as the next person pre-babies, it wasn’t necessary to visit weekly to complete personal summer goals. As children are prone to do, they will change the name of the game. I quickly have learned not only do we need access to a pool, but we also need access frequently. This once or twice a summer invite from a friend or family member with a pool wasn’t going to cut it. I, unfortunately, had to find a pool that I could call my own.

Search no more! If you need swim lessons, here is a full list of swim lessons in Lafayette, LA. And if you’re looking for a great splash pad, we have a list of those here, too.

Here are the top places to swim in Lafayette, LA that you can (or can’t) enjoy this summer:

City Club

Price: Cost of membership ($148 for parents and kids under 8) + $700 one-time membership fee
Details: You can’t beat this mini kids’ waterpark! It looks like a child’s paradise, with a huge water slide, splash pad, and small lazy river. The cost can be a little steep though. If you’re not ready to enjoy City Club’s amenities year-round, this might not make sense for a seasonal summer investment. However, if you are open to a full-year membership, nothing can beat this wonder water ground. When it comes to Lafayette pools, this one tops the list of where to swim in Lafayette, LA.

Red’s (One of the most popular Lafayette Pools)

Price: Cost of membership ($106-116 for parents and kids under 8) + $200-250 one-time membership fee
Details: Similarly to City Club, this only makes sense if you are ready to visit Red throughout the whole year. If you do feel ready to commit to a monthly contract, Red’s can be another welcomed oasis with plenty of swimming opportunities for the kids, and water slides and splash pads to offer non-stop entertainment.

Crawfish Aquatics

Details: This is a frequent name that comes up when discussing Lafayette pools, however, Crawfish Aquatics does not offer a typical summer membership. Instead, they are known for superior swimming lessons for both adults and kids, as well as offering membership for swim teams. But if you are interested in a one-and-done swim party, you are able to book the pool for a $350 private party for up to 20 guests.

Lafayette pools

Riverside Swim Club

Price: $400 includes family membership for the whole summer
Details: Riverside is a staple in Lafayette, located in the River Bend neighborhood. It has been a popular pool spot for over 30 years, but for good reason. Along with an affordable membership, Riverside has your classic pool staples: baby pool, large pool, grills, and diving board. Perfect for the family who is looking for a place to cool off just during the summer months.

Earl J. Chris Pool

Price: $5 for adults and $3 for children
Details: If you need an affordable drop-in rate, consider this an option! Earl J. Chris Pool is located at 1919 Eraste Landry in Lafayette and managed by LCG’s Parks and Recreation. This pool offers specific times for lap swimming, water aerobics and open swim hours. This June and July, visit the pool for open swim hours Friday and Sunday from 1:30-4:30 PM.

Martin Luther King Recreation Center

Price: $6 per visit per person for 18 years and older, $4 per visit per person for 17 years older and younger
Details: If you need a more affordable drop-in rate, this could be the pool for you! Martin Luther King Recreation Center is located in upper Lafayette and managed by LCG’s Parks, Arts, Recreation, & Culture department. This recreation center not only has an outdoor pool, but other activities for the family including a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, a weight room and more. This could be the perfect spot to satisfy your family of all ages. The pool is opened to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2 – 6 PM. It is also opened on Saturday from 3 – 7 PM. 


Price: Varies, $30-$60 an hour
Details: Meet the new Airbnb, except for pools. If you wish you had access to a private pool in your own backyard, you can rent someone’s pool in your area for a set time limit. This is perfect for the family that would like a personal pool experience with the kiddos. Or maybe you’re still covid cautious and/or like to avoid the swimming crowds. Each listing will let you know special amenities each patio offers, such as if bathrooms/showers are available for use. It’s a contemporary way to meet your pool needs, but just like with Airbnb or Uber, it might take the pool market by storm!

Bayou Wilderness RV Campground


Price: $20, per person, Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm

Details: A campsite and RV park located just minutes from Lafayette. They have something for everyone. Nature lovers will enjoy their impeccable landscaping and the diversity of their local fauna. Active people and sportsman may want to spend their time catching some trophy fish or perhaps engage in a spirited match of horseshoes. Perhaps you just want to relax by the pool with your favorite beverage and a warm Louisiana breeze.

Isle of Iberia RV Resort


Price: TBD

Details: A RV Resort located in New Iberia, Louisiana. They have several amenities such as Beats on the Bayou, a fully stocked pond for catch and release fishing, splash pad, lazy river and pool! Please note that the pool is closed Mondays for maintenance! A limited number of public swimming passes are available so be sure to check with them before your visit.



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