The Lies I Told Myself

When I was younger, before I had children or even a steady boyfriend, I told myself a lot of lies about being a momma. This was mainly because I didn’t realize how tough being a mom was. Growing up I wasn’t around a lot of young children, I didn’t babysit, I am an only child so I just wasn’t aware how hard it was to raise children… Until I had my own children. 

I can remember I always said I will never let my child play on my phone at the dinner table. Well, have you ever had a two-year-old? Because if you have then you understand why parents do this. 

I will take my children to church every Sunday and they will not act like “those children.” Neither of my children have been to church with me, this is my time to pray and have peace. Now I plan to take them and raise them in religion just not at this moment, for my sanity. 

My children will go to the best schools in town. Have you priced out private schools for multiple children? YIKES! I am starting to think they will be fine with what they learn on the internet. 

My children will never talk back and will listen to me. Well, this one was just crazy to think at all! Even the best-behaved children have their moments. 

My children will be advanced and ready for school before they should be. I am lucky my kid knows his colors. Seriously, you don’t realize just how many hours are in a day and before you realize it it is bedtime and you forgot to go over the alphabet. 

My children won’t have sugar or candy! Have you been pregnant while having children? If so then you will understand how you can feed your child a pop tart and ice cream for breakfast because you are so tired and nauseous you can barely stand up. 

My children will sleep in their own beds at night. I know what the blogs say and I don’t care! My kids can sleep with me for as long as they like because one day they will be grown and gone. Until then, I will cherish every kick to the face and every midnight crying fest that they are alone in bed.

The one thing I have realized since having children is that you need to give yourself grace. This was so hard for me because I really had no clue how to raise a child. I had to realize that I am during the best I can and comparing myself to that mom on FaceBook isn’t going to help the situation. I am present to my children, they are loved, clothed, fed, and happy. Trust me momma they will never resent you because you gave them your phone so you can go to the bathroom. I promise! Keep doing what you think is best for you and your family and forget the rest. 

Elle, a New Orleans native, loves being a mom while growing her career at a local Catholic Elementary School. She loves working and volunteering in the community but can't wait to come home and spend time with her boys Charlie and Andy. Elle met her husband, Fletcher, in 2013 while she was attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When she met him she knew that her life would never be boring again. She loves calling Lafayette home and is very excited she gets to raise her children here.


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