Words Of Wisdom That I Wish I Had In My Twenties

Words Of Wisdom That I Wish I Had In My Twenties

TikTok has slowly become one of my guilty pleasures. And I love a good viral sensation. Recently I have been enjoying a new trend that does not involve food or beverages. Influencers ask 20 somethings to post questions about life and then 40 something answer those questions. It’s kind of like giving advice to your little sister.

Here are a few of my top tips for those battling their 20s and even 30s::

Adulting As A Blessing, But Also Ghetto

It is a blessing to grow old and become a responsible person. But it is also a lot. I mean A LOT! And when you add motherhood to it, Lord Have Mercy! But honestly, I enjoy being a full-fledged adult that does all of the things like pay bills and taxes, decide on schools and summer camps. Adulting has its ups and downs but just know you are not alone in this stage. We are all struggling through it and doing the best we can.

Adopt A Skin Care Regimen

The goal is to age like fine wine and not spoiled milk. The earlier you adopt a skin care regimen the better. Taking care of your skin is something that should start in the teen years. While this can be an investment, it is worthwhile. I personally am here for all of the serums and creams that keep my skin youthful. But I will let you in on a secret, drinking water will be the best thing you ever do for your skin.

Find Your Personal Style

This will honestly change throughout the years, but some things will remain a constant. Once you find your style invest in quality pieces that will last a while. For those fad items that catch your eye, look to the cheaper stores and clothing sites. Stay true to your style no matter what the current trend is.

Take Care Of Your Body

The old saying is true, you are what you eat. If you eat bad it will show in your skin and your waistline. It can also have negative effects on your digestive system. You are also what you drink. Consuming large amounts of alcohol frequently can have negative effects on your body as well. It is a good idea to adopt a fitness plan early on, so as you age you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Routine physical activity is good at any age.

She Is Not Your Friend

Words Of Wisdom That I Wish I Had In My Twenties

This is a hard lesson. But the sooner you learn it the better. All of the friends you have in your 20s will not follow you to your 30s and so forth. You will all take different paths in life and will go your own way. You will learn that you will have friends for each stage of your life. You will have your motherhood friends, work friends, gym friend, church friends, and so on. I strongly suggest that you find friends that fit every aspect of your life to keep you well rounded. I also suggest that you learn early on the difference between a friend and an associate. This will save you a lot of heartache and drama in life.

I hope this advice is helpful as it is something that I wish someone had shared with me. But I also thought I had life figured it out when I was in my 20’s.

And now here I am in my 40’s realizing that those crazy years made me the woman that I am today. Hang in there. It definitely gets better!

Torilyn Williams
Torilyn Williams is a Louisiana native, born and raised in New Orleans. She moved to Lafayette to attend UL Lafayette, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Life Sciences. Tori is blessed to be the wife of her ambitious and hardworking husband, Damian. The devoted mom of Tatum Marie (6) and Aubrey Malia (5) and bonus mom to Damian Jr. (20). Tori has been working in the banking industry for over fifteen years. She is a member of Junior League Lafayette. Tori has a heart for volunteerism, she loves to give back to the community and mentor the youth. Tori is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to chronicle her food adventures on Instagram (@Dashofwilliams). Outside of work you can find Tori spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying new recipes, and working out. Tori is always down for a good meal with family or a shopping trip!


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