I Can Only Do The Next Right Thing

Everyday I’m thinking about future plans. Maybe I’m thinking of homeschooling in the fall. Or running away to the beach for a week. Or just going to Target. I’m wondering if I should order uniforms or if I should buy enough toilet paper, wine and bubbles to last through another lock down. Like who knows.

We honestly don’t know.

School has been the biggest concern in my thoughts. Every day I think “Maybe there will be school. Oh yes, the news today says there will definitely be school. I’m ok.” About six hours later, my brain sees something on social media and flip-flops to, “Oh no but maybe there won’t be school. What will I do if there’s no school? I am going to have to homeschool? What is going on with my life?” Every day brings uncertainty as to what the fall will hold. After speaking to most of my teacher friends, I believe the consensus is hope for the best and plan for the worst. That’s where I’m at right now too.

Now before you start to panic, take a breath Momma.

Slow all those racing thoughts. Squish the panic. Calm the doubts and take a deep breath.

Keep in mind that as mothers we are constantly on our toes. Our normal daily lives are always changing from schedules, deadlines, sickness and preferences. One day your child will only eat chicken nuggets, and the next day they’re tossing nuggets at you because you’re the meanest mother in the world to make them eat it. We always rise to the occasion, go with the flow, and at the end of the day, we fall asleep questioning our life only to wake up and do it again. The point being, we are resilient and we are the captain of this voyage. Our ability to respond and stay in control instead of reacting to any sudden changes is going to be key in the next few months. This is an unprecedented time we are living in and it’s changing day to day. We are constantly questioning ourselves about what the best decision is.

In the words of Anna, “It is all that I can do. The next right thing.”

There are no “long term best decisions right now.” I’m living one day at a time. One week at a time. One phase to the next. Acknowledging that things are going to happen that I am uncomfortable doing, decisions that I am not sure I can handle or possibly may not feel is the best approach. However I am accepting the fact that things are changing and I can only do the next right thing for my family where I’m at with the information I have in the moment. Preparing myself to respond and not react in an effort to present a calm front for my child.

I’m working in the moment. It’s the best I have right now and it will have to be enough.

Carlie is a divorced mom of five. She moved to Lafayette 22 years ago from a small town in-between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. She has four young adult children from her first marriage that ended after 19 years, Christopher, Cara, Clay and Cade. She has a one year old daughter, Poppy Mae with her significant other, Joey. She is a work-at-home mother who is a freelance writer and photographer/owner of Carlie Anne Collective. Organized chaos and tons of lists are her style. Carlie loves to workout, travel, visit with her friends, bike with Poppy Mae in their neighborhood, attend outdoor concerts, eat out at local restaurants, walk aimlessly through stores looking for good deals and swing in her hammock while chatting about her BST addiction with her online friends. She keeps an active Instagram account as a photo journal of her days.


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