Some of My Motherhood Mantras

Some of My Motherhood Mantras

Over the years I’ve collected some mantras that have helped me keep going when the seasons of life are challenging, dragging on, or seemingly hopeless and unending. Let me be the first to tell you it has taken years for these positive mantras to impact my motherhood journey, but be encouraged because everyone has to start somewhere. 

  1. “They don’t go to college that way.” My mother-in-law. She’s spoken this into my husband and my parenting journey from day one and I am so grateful. It’s a gentle reminder that this season of difficulty will pass and encourages me to look forward to the day my child has mastered the challenging growth/knowledge I’m imparting to him.
  2. “When your world gets small, your problems get big.” – My mother. With my first son, I took an extended maternity leave. It was partly because of my son’s health battles at the time and partly because I was making a career transition that allowed me that extra time at home. That extra time at home made me realize I’m not a stay-at-home mom. My world went from a bubbling extrovert who had daily stimulating interactions with other adults to an isolated SAHM who centered said stimulation into focusing on the only other person around, my son. His problems, and mine, were magnified because my “world” had essentially shrunk. Living a balanced life to include motherhood as part of yourself (and your world overall) is the key. 
  3. “Music tames the wild beast.” – My dad. He’s not exactly a child whisperer but he knows how to use his resources (hey Spotify). When my oldest was just weeks old my dad came to stay with us and when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer my dad would take the baby and sing to him or play him a song. It’s been a great reminder for me in moments when I feel at my wit’s end to turn on a playlist and let the music change our mood. 
  4. “They’re very age appropriate.” – My father-in-law. He’s made this comment with such endearment and admiration over the years. It’s a compliment of accomplishment that’s encouraging me and my husband that the current tantrum my toddler is throwing is right on track with his development. It’s been a great realization during the frustrating moments that slowing down to let the toddlers put on their own shoes or cry about leaving the park is developmentally appropriate (and a moment to appreciate) even when it’s making us late. 

These words of wisdom are my tiny reminders that I’m doing a good job as a mother, and to look at the bigger picture. It’s not lost on me that my parents and in-laws have the gift of hindsight on their side. I’m doing all I can to let it help me in the present and to stay present in my own parenthood journey. 


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