Creating Memories :: Our Fall Family Bucket List

Creating Memories :: Our Fall Family Bucket List

It’s Fall, and our fall bucket list is in full swing. This year, our almost 3-year-old is calling the shots, setting the stage for our autumn adventures. Amid our demanding work schedules, our weekends have typically been reserved for relaxation and spontaneous plans. However, with Christmas just around the corner and only a handful of precious fall weekends remaining, we’re getting ready to break free from our cozy cocoon to create lasting family memories.

Here are a few things we’re determined to experience before the season bids farewell.

  1. Nature Walks Galore – Delight in the simple pleasures of fall with an enchanting addition to your bucket list. Recall the sheer joy of crunching leaves underfoot during your own childhood? Now, share this experience with your young explorers during leisurely nature walks. Lafayette offers a host of remarkable trails to explore, allowing you to create cherished memories while on the hunt for vibrant leaves, much like I used to collect during my own autumn adventures as a child.Creating Memories :: Our Fall Family Bucket List
  2. Park Picnics: Who doesn’t adore a delightful picnic? Pack a cozy picnic basket with your little one’s favorite snacks and head to the park. It’s a timeless and heartwarming activity that brings back childhood memories, enveloping you in the refreshing embrace of crisp autumn air and the freedom of open spaces.
  3. Leaf Pile Shenanigans: Ah, the thrill of jumping into a pile of leaves! Your little one will experience the same exhilaration. Why not add the joy of creating your very own leaf pile to your family bucket list?
  4. Farm Adventures – Consider adding a thrilling visit to a local farm. This is a must-do experience, especially as your little one is blossoming into a budding animal enthusiast. These farms frequently offer attractions like petting zoos, hayrides, and delightful opportunities to feed the animals.
  5. Pumpkin Decorating: If you’re a bit apprehensive about traditional pumpkin carving, but seeing the sheer joy on your little one’s face when they spot a pumpkin is irresistible, then a trip to the pumpkin patch is a definite bucket list suggestion.Creating Memories :: Our Fall Family Bucket List Once there, the pumpkin decorating session will be an absolute blast! Let your toddler pick out their very own pumpkin, and then gather around the table to embark on a creative adventure. You can use paint, stickers, and loads of imagination to craft unique pumpkin masterpieces, making cherished memories together.
  6. Baking Bliss: Fall-inspired baking is always on the agenda! The best part is doing this together. I have my eyes on the array of cookie and decorating kits available, tailored for every occasion, to make your baking adventure even more enjoyable and memorable. I’m getting a taste of nostalgia just thinking about the warm, spicy scents filling our home.
  7. Nature Scavenger Hunt Fun: I used to adore scavenger hunts as a child. I’m excited to include one in our family bucket list, specially designed for our toddler. The idea is for him to explore our yard and neighborhood seeking out treasures like leaves, acorns, and pinecones. This engaging activity not only teaches him about the season but also ensures we make wonderful, nature-filled memories together.

This fall, our focus is on creating treasured memories with our toddler. We’re taking a step back, reliving our own cherished childhood moments, and watching our little one’s eyes light up with wonder. These timeless activities will ensure that this fall is one to remember for our family. What about you, Lafayette moms? What’s on your family’s fall bucket list? Share your adventures and let’s make this season unforgettable, together.

Rochelle Campbell
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