Keep Curbside Service! Love, Parents Everywhere

There are so many things that we’d love to move past from this Corona saga, but let’s take a sec to recognize something we’d love to keep after the phases: curbside pickup!

As a single mom of four young sons, it’s challenging to shop in Lafayette or any bigger city for that matter. Their patience is usually tested by the time we hit the first roundabout. Trying to bring that chaos into a store? They would break Caroline’s Company.

Having the opportunity to still purchase things in town without having to get out of the vehicle would be every mother’s dream.

Early in the shelter, we beat Corona fever by purchasing a “Bored box” from Big Boy Toys and Hobbies. It was our first curbside pick up experience. I saw a Facebook post and sent a message with my boys’ ages, interests, and budget. The staff worked promptly to create the perfect surprises to keep my boys active and engaged. I paid via Paypal. My sister picked it up for me on her way back from work.  The experience was refreshing, convenient, and ended with family fun.

I contemplate what it would be like to have gone inside the store and my sons see all of the cool gadgets. Meltdowns. Disappointment. Probably spending an extra fifty bucks.

Or the bigger reality, I wouldn’t have gone at all, and Amazon would have received my money.

Although the shopping experience is a fun treat when I happen to spare the solitary moment, most of the time I have my boys in tow. Having the option for either could be a game-changer.

My friends have shared their enthusiasm over the convenience of curbside, from veterinarians in town to Zea’s family bundles—there are many options. The top contenders that people responded with on an informal Facebook poll about fast and reliable curbside service were: DSW, Ulta, Academy, Dick’s, KOK Wings and Things, Pete’s, Stine’s, and Broussard Vet Clinic.

For years I had the Parish Ink bumper sticker “Buy Leauxcal” on my Odyssey. Feeding my quartet keeps me visiting box stores, but I choose to support local artisans and business owners as much as I can.

Let’s brace these businesses that have responded to the call to keep our local economy flowing. Before loading up on an online store from another state, perhaps ask yourself if you could pick it up in town.

It may take a little more coordination in your schedule, but isn’t supporting real, local people an important trade-off?

Most of us can agree that part of what we have valued during this pandemic is the quality time together and the human experience. Curbside offers the personal shopping experience that many of us still crave with the convenience that we need.

E. B. Livings
E.B. Livings moonlights as a mother of four sons and a teacher of English to high school seniors. She spends her days nurturing 150 people and her dog, Millie. She writes from her comfortable hometown of Rayne. She spent the first decade of the millennium at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Chances are she was your Orientation leader or you read her stuff in The Vermilion or 008 Magazine. She completed a Master's of Arts in Teaching at McNeese in 2017. Her hobbies are as eclectic as her outfits. When she's not guiding her gentlemen through earthly endeavors, she may be found practicing piano or running. In the chaos of loud boy-mom life, she finds solitude doing yoga, praying, or rocking on her back patio while strumming her guitar. You can explore more of her thought experiments at


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