The First Time Mom’s Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

When I first found out I was pregnant, the second emotion I had after joy and elation was dread: Oh dear God. All the baby STUFF. I don’t know what I’m doing! I don’t know what I need! How are they letting people like me just become parents?

I ignored the feeling for a while, but after each month of pregnancy, I could feel the impending doom. I needed to make a registry and plan for everything I needed. Somehow, I was supposed to sort through THOUSANDS of baby items and instinctually have the intuition to know what my future child would need. Fear of the unknown was an understatement.

Thankfully a dear friend and seasoned mom came to the rescue to guide me in the baby Target section, registry hand gun in hand. I will never forget the kindness and internal peace she brought me by just referring things to me based on her past experience. As my friends started to get pregnant after me, I started to offer to help them with their registry too, as to ease their minds during this transition.

This is why I have created the following Baby Registry guide! If you are expecting for the first time, please take this list as a starting point to build your wishlist. May this help you weed out the clutter and focus on the items that are most needed.


Item: Link: Notes:
Pack n Play Link Here Absolute must have! This is used a lot in the beginning and especially when traveling or not at home for a crib/sleeping space.
Baby swing I bought something like this
Baby mat Link Here Will need for tummy time



Item: Link: Notes:
Bottle drying rack Link Here Recommend 2
Nipple/pacifier dryer Link Here Highly recommend, paris with bottle drying rack
Portable baby changing pad Link Here
Breast pump Many moms recommend the Spectra
Breast pump accessories Milk bags, extra parts if needed, nipple shields, nipple cream
Bottles Link Here It will depend on your child, I know many people swear by Dr. Brown Bottles.
High Chair You won’t need immediately but you will want one by 6 months. 
Nursing pillow Link Here
Bottle warmer Link Here



Item: Link: Notes:
Crib/dresser/changing table
Rocking chair
Diaper organizer
Diaper Genie
Diaper cream  Link Here Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is everything
Diaper spatula Link here
Burp clothes Pro-tip: Buy some gerber cloth diapers to use as burp clothes.
Various Baby Swaddles
Onesies Pro-tip: Save the cute onesies for the weekends and outings. Purchase Gerber white onesies for daycare/the nanny/daily wear.
Baby Blankets
Boogy Wipes Link Here
Nose Frida Link Here There is no other tool that can get out snot/boogers, like this can!
Baby Health Kit Link Here
Hatch Link Here Noise maker – it is essential! Also doubles as a nightlight when baby gets older – can control through app
Baby monitor This is definitely a must-have; unfortunately my baby monitor broke early on, so that was not awesome. My favorite was the one with camera functionality, like this!



Item: Link: Notes:
Flower Bath Link Here Baby at first can’t be fully submerged in a baby bath, so this thing does the trick!
3 Stage Baby Tub Link Here
Lots of baby towels
Lots of baby washcloths



Item: Link: Notes:
Frida Peribottle Link Here Must have for post-labor delivery 
Baby walker toy Link Here Will not need until much later – 10ish months
Baby Gate This will not be needed until later when baby is crawling/walking.
Baby Bassinet Link Here We loved this swivel feature of the HALO


Item: Link: Notes:
Baby carrier for Mom Link Here
Baby carrier for Dad Link Here
Baby carrying set – stroller/car base/carrier I wish I would have gotten the Doona set! I ended up with Chicco Bravo, which worked very well. 
Additional car base from whatever system you selected This is for car #2
Car seat mirror Link Here



Item: Link: Notes:
Baby Breeza Link Here I wish I would have known this existed!
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