Oh The Places You’ll Pump :: A Poem

Oh The Places You’ll Pump :: A PoemOh The Places You’ll Pump :: A Poem

Congratulations, today is the day
You send your baby to daycare away 

You have your bags packed and ready to go
Now it’s time to get the milk to flow

Eat some oats to boost supply
Drink tons of water so you’re not too dry 

Find a nice private place with no one in sight
But to find that at work is a task not too light 

The humming and purring of your pump fills the air
It’s an experience for which no one can prepare 

You feel like a cow to be milked on the farm
And are supposed to think this process shouldn’t cause for alarm

Your breasts are pulled to make food for your baby
All the while you think “couldn’t this be easier? Maybe?”

But mothers are a very devoted bunch
They’re willing to pump every day and skip lunch 

They pump in the car in between meetings
They even pump before and after some feedings

They pump in a car, on a plane, or a boat
In the office, at home, at a conference, under a coat

In bathroom stalls they make it work
But any semblance of privacy is a perk

Your days are divided in hours of three
Because engorgement is really terrible, you see 

The sacrifice that moms make for breastfeeding is real
And we really should realize it’s a very big deal 

Accommodations and empathy go a long way
Help a pumping mom out throughout the day 

Moms, we salute you. You’re doing so great.
It’s truly amazing what your bodies create. 

Jessica Hauerwas
Jessica is a nonprofit leader who loves bopping around Lafayette for the best burgers or bands in town. She is the Executive Director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited where she runs the day-to-day nonprofit. She and her husband Chris have three littles at home (Jane, Clark, and Louise) where there is lots of giggling and always a cup of coffee brewing. Jessica is passionate about community-building and empowering working mothers. Jessica also volunteers for various organizations, is a member of the Lafayette Re-Entry Coalition, a graduate of Leadership Lafayette, and a survivor of being a mother of three under 4.