40 Is NOT The New 20

40 Is NOT The New 20

“40 is the new 20.” I’m sure you’ve heard this metaphor or metaphors like this before. I am not sure how it came about but I’m certain that person was not 40+. 

In 2023 I celebrated my 40th birthday. Celebrating my 40th was exhilarating and also a blessing.

I have an amazing family, fabulous friends, and several other things I am grateful for. I’m especially grateful to be alive and well, living this wonderful life. However, 40 has come with its own set of challenges. My unexpected health issues were definitely a surprise, but I survived and made a full recovery every time. Getting older has also thrown me a few other curve balls that I was not ready for.

Our kids are young and active which keeps us active too. We love to skate, sit on the floor crafting or building lego, and participating in many other activities with them. While I still participate in all these activities, my body definitely feels the after effects. My body screams when it’s time to take a break, plenty of nights I’m taking Advil PM to soothe those aches and pains.

40 Is NOT The New 20

I used to enjoy all day shopping trips and hanging out with friends and family for hours. Fast forward to me currently, I am that person who is totally ok with someone having to cancel or reschedule plans. I definitely still enjoy hanging out, but I also don’t mind being home and relaxing some days. The pleasure of being home, enjoying the quiet and relaxing is so satisfying. This could be because we are a family that is always on the go with some type of activity or event. Whatever the case, I’ll take a day relaxing at home with 10 pounds of crawfish in front of me any day. 

40 Is NOT The New 20

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy being active but I’ve learned that my body and energy level is different these days, and that’s ok!

I am not 20 any more, and that’s ok too! Aging gracefully is OK! I still play with my kids, hang out with friends and family, and hit the town when I want. However, I’ve learned to listen when my body tells me to take a break or that’s enough. I am enjoying this stage of my life. I am living my life on my terms not worrying about judgement or people pleasing, things I’m sure many of us experienced in our 20s. Let’s embrace and celebrate aging like fine wine, and toss out that silly quote while we’re at it. 40 is 40 and I absolutely love it; I’m going to enjoy this incredible life I’ve worked hard to create.  

Vivian Winters
Vivian is a true country girl, having grown up in the small town of Loreauville, where her family owned a farm. She moved to Oakland for several years, where she discovered her passion for travel and seeking new adventures. As a proud Ragin Cajun, she earned her bachelor's degree from UL-Lafayette and later completed her master's degree at UL-Monroe. Vivian and her husband have been happily married for 13 years, residing in the Lafayette area with their two delightful and funny children and two large dogs. Their son is 9, their daughter is 8, and their furry companions, a brother and sister pair, are 3. Vivian and her husband often find themselves playing the role of "Uber" for their kids, chauffeuring them to numerous extracurricular activities. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Vivian cherishes living in an area with fantastic food choices. Whenever she can find a moment to herself, you'll likely find her enjoying music, catching up on TV shows, and savoring those precious moments of peace and quiet.


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