Cold & Flu Season Sentiments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s also the most exhausting time of the year – and if you’re anything like us in our house, you’re taking precautions to avoid colds, viruses, and the ever-forever-always-dreaded flu.

Already been hit? Bless you (literally and figuratively).
Escaped so far? God speed.

We’re currently fighting colds at our house and I count it as a blessing. It could be so much worse, and I thank the Lord that it’s minor. We can handle colds, but it still isn’t easy on my 6 month old and 2 year old.

I’m wiping noses.

I’m rocking.

I’m singing lullabies.

I’m measuring medicines.

I’m up at night – all night.

I’m refilling humidifiers.

I’m running warm baths, covering sneezes, sanitizing laundry, and pumping breast milk for a weekend getaway that may or may not now be canceled…on top of my usual duties.

Major or minor illnesses take big tolls when you have little ones. And mama, if you’re reading this with dark circles under your eyes, wearing last nights pajamas well into the afternoon, and munching on processed snack foods to survive – I am with you. You aren’t alone and I know this time of the year is hard.

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom and getting no breaks, I’m right here with you.

If you’re a working mom trying to figure out your sick days and a sitter, I’m right here praying for you.

If you’re about to call the doctor because you’ve tried all you know to do on your own to make your baby feel better, I’m right here crossing my fingers that you get an appointment quickly.

If you’re scheduling a procedure for tubes, adenoids, or a tonsillectomy for your baby, I’m right here praying that you’ll find comfort in that decision.

If you’re wiping, rocking, singing, measuring, refilling, running baths, changing diapers, managing meals and/or milk, I am right here with you, and I consider that a blessing.

How lucky we are to be the ones that they need! To be the ones that wipe the tears, heal (at least a little) hurt, to be the ones to soothe them enough that they finally fall asleep. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be thankful – even on the most exhausting sick days.

Be thankful. And if we do this right, one day at a time, maybe there will come a season in life that they’ll be taking care of us.

Sending all the tissues, sanitizer, naps, and vitamin C to ya, mama. I’m right here with you.

Lauren Curet
Lauren, a Shreveport, Louisiana native, moved south in the summer of 2010 to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In the fall of 2011, she laid eyes on Ross Curet, her now husband of 4 years. It was the closest possible scenario of "love at first sight". Lauren is a stay-at-home mom of their two children - Maddox, 2 years old, and Regan Evangeline, born in May of 2019. Building a family and home with her husband is her greatest joy and accomplishment! When she isn’t changing diapers, you can find Lauren shopping BST pages, traveling all over Louisiana to visit family, out and about in the stores of Lafayette (carrying a toddler on her hip and an infant in her arms), or in the CC's Coffee drive-thru. Extra shots of espresso, please!


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