June Insta Roundup

Here were my top 10 Instagram accounts for June:


Medieval Culture √ Affinity for fabrics √ Addresses toxic masculinity √ HILARIOUS


Thick neck. Thin ankles. A funny southern gal whose escapades and shenanigans brighten my day on the reg.


This is my good deed for 2021. Follow another McMahon, but alas this time with a “ho.” All-facts government teacher to fill in the gaps from your Jr. High Civics taught by Coach So-and-So, and some feel-good philanthropy. Proud #GoverNerd


These two feel like my own friends, but I obviously don’t know them in real life. Chic fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the throes of young motherhood. Love them, their families, their story, and the items they post.


Alexis is a new find for me and she IS me… well… the me in my head… who also forages for food… Basically, we both burst into song often. But she shares WAY COOL information on the food you can forage and did I mention it’s super interesting?


Shared them before here. Went back to their page like oh idk 20 times this month to look at newly updated recommendations… like this Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter.


I know not everyone reading this is Catholic, but I am and I frequent this page minimum of 2x/week. Really great food for thought and responses to issues in the Church today.


Snarky commentary by deconstructed Evangelicals. Often targeting the poor resolution and response of the Evangelical church to trauma and misinformation it perpetuates.


Ok. Click her tag. Then you MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST absolutely it is a definite rule or you will be kicked out of Instagram (not really but I’m super serious) watch her Carol4Pres highlights. Just do it. It is what launched her account and will just make your whole day better.


Probably because we are packing for vacay, but talk about CHANGE YA LYFE! This woman. is. a. GENIUS! or madwoman. OR BOTH! SHE CAN FOLD ANYTHING!!!! Like BETTER than Marie Kondo. I said what I said.


Sarah Keating
Sarah is a 30-something mom of four children under six and wife to her high-school sweetheart. She returned to Acadiana two years ago following her husband’s completion of medical school and residency in Shreveport. After the move, Sarah switched gears from full-time pediatric speech-language pathologist and working mom to full-time stay-at-home mom to her brood. Her current hobbies include “speech-therapizing” her children, re-reading the Outlander series, catching up on her Netflix queue after the kids go to bed, completing XHIT videos at naptime, and taking her medication every morning. She loves and respects the sacredness of motherhood, but sometimes you just have to let go and laugh it out. Motherhood has been the most humbling, and empowering journey she has experienced.


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