Why I Started A Book Club With My Daughter

Why I Started A Book Club With My Daughter

Reading is probably something we can all agree we want our kids to do more. Especially in the time we are living in, they are bombarded with technology constantly. So how do we raise kids who love reading?

Insert book club.

Why I Started A Book Club With My Daughter

When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, her only homework was reading for 20 minutes every night. Let me tell you, that was a struggle. I was mostly reading to her, but by the end of the year she was improving. Fast forward to second grade, now in addition to her reading 20 minutes nightly, she had other homework. She was exhausted from school all day and math and writing homework.

When it was time to read, she needed a break. So, I moved reading to right before bedtime, which made it less of a struggle. In fact, she enjoyed it so much we got her a book light to read in her bed until it was time for lights out.

Now that she’s reaching the end of third grade, she can read independently and will usually read for an hour until it’s time for bed.

She even read over a million words this year!

I recently brought home some library books, mostly for her younger sisters. She happily sat at the table reading them all. She told me, “Mom I’ll read pretty much anything in front of me.” Couldn’t love my bookish girl more.

Something I started at the beginning of the school year to encourage good conduct at school was a Friday night book club. If she had good conduct for the week, then we would stay up late after her sisters went to sleep and do book club together.

She reads her book, and I read mine.

Why I Started A Book Club With My Daughter

Occasionally, we discuss the basics of our books with each other. Other times we just hang out, and she tells me about how her day was at school. She is seeing me prioritize her, prioritize reading, and we are doing something we both enjoy together. I am spending quality one-on-one time with my girl that I wouldn’t get otherwise.

Reading together and discussing our books helps me know what books she’s into. That way when I’m at the library I know what books to pick out for her. My daughter looks forward to Friday nights and is sure to remind me if I forget about our book club. Her younger sister is eager to join our book club when she becomes a more independent reader. This is a tradition I hope we continue for years to come. The future of our book club is looking bright.

What are you doing to foster a love of reading in your child? Summer is the perfect time to pick up a library card for your reader.

Why I Started A Book Club With My DaughterWhy I Started A Book Club With My Daughter

Sicily Smith
Sicily grew up in Acadiana and graduated from UL Lafayette in 2011 with a degree in fashion merchandising and design. She has spent the last decade moving around the world while her husband served in the military. She returned to Lafayette in 2022 to raise her four daughters in Cajun country. Her daughters Evie(9), Talulah(6), Gemma(4), and Sylvie(1) keep her house messy, her schedule busy, and her heart full. These days she’s traded her fancy clothes for a strong cup of coffee, comfy leggings, and a good book. Her hobbies include going to local music festivals and farmers markets, trying new restaurants, running, and starting a bookclub with her daughters. She is also currently writing her first children’s book.


  1. Proud of my daughter and grand girls. I love this so much because I am an avid reader. I took Sicily to the library many times when she was growing up. Things are coming full circle.


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