Everything To Do At Youngsville Sports Complex

Everything To Do At Youngsville Sports Complex

Living in Youngsville, I believe the sports complex is a huge asset to the town! There is just so much to do. From soccer, tee-ball, beach volleyball, or any sport you name it to gumbo / chili cook offs what more could you ask for in the community? Honestly, for me it’s the tranquility from walking around on the walking track.

Everything To Do At Youngsville Sports Complex

Now that it’s getting colder, I’m not sure how much I’ll do this, but I made a habit to come walking (and attempt to run) at the sports complex after school drop off. I absolutely love doing this not just because of the peace it brings, but because it is so pretty and SAFE. I have to brag on Youngsville itself for a minute because I have never once not felt safe in this town. From my own personal experience, I love having a safe place to go and not have to worry about my safety or my kids safety.

Speaking of kids, there’s so much for kids to do here.

Everything To Do At Youngsville Sports ComplexNot only are kids sports offered, but there is a playground and a splash pad. The splash pad is obviously seasonal so that will be closed until next summer, but we tried it out when it opened and it’s a hit!! I love that there is a lifeguard on duty at all times. Kids of all ages were out playing in the water and YES the splash pad is free of charge. Reminder to always bring snacks!

Although the sports complex brings my family many great memories of soccer, tee-ball, playground playing with friends, there is one memory I can’t seem to forget.

After soccer practice and a play date, one night my 3-year-old decided he wanted to be a track star and take off running to the car. He ran all the way from the pavilion to the end of the bridge right before he reached the parking lot. Now if you’re a mother, and chances are you are one if you’re reading this, you can imagine the sheer terror I was experiencing. He could not hear me yelling his name and his older brother realized I needed help in catching him. I don’t consider myself in terrible shape; it’s just that I was carrying water bottles, a soccer bag, my phone, my keys, EVERYTHING. This child zoomed passed every soul on the bridge. A dad turned to me and said, “he’s on the run, huh?” Just as I passed the dad, a sweet mother had stopped my child for me until I reached him. And just like that, my panic ceased, and all was right in the world. I’m sure I’m not the only one with memories at the sports complex, good or bad, goodness gracious help us all!

However, if you’re interested in creating special family memories, a special social media post was made about Youngsville On Ice. This will be held from November 25-December 31. Visit YoungsvilleOnIce.com for more information. It will be free to enter, family friendly, live music, food, and music. I think this is great and a lot of the community is excited about it!

Erin is the wife of Ryan Hill and mama to two boys, Cooper and Baylor. They are Mississippi natives who moved to Louisiana in 2020. Her husband is in the military and an air traffic controller. Erin is a teacher and loves to read and play outside with her kids.


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