Project Pajama Upgrade

I recently decided it was time to up my pajama game. More specifically, it was time to get rid of my maternity / nursing pajamas and graduate to some real, I-won’t-be-embarrassed-in-case-of-a-fire pajamas.

A woman’s pajama journey is ever-evolving. 

First, there are the classic college shirts / undies / shorts combo that begins while actually in college and kind of trickles over until you’re a newlywed. These are soft and comfy, but definitely not sexy. The best ones have a few holes and maybe even a stain or two. 

Then comes the newlywed / honeymoon phase. This phase often sees nights of sleeping in the nude *GASP* or wearing all those lacy, sexy negligees you received as bachelorette gifts. These are usually uncomfortable, but, hey, you look hot, so whatevs. Know where these lead?

Maternity pajamas! These are amazing. They have tons of room in soft fabrics to keep you and your bun in the oven comfy. Then there are nursing pajamas with snaps, elastic, and envelope seams to keep your nipples hidden but accessible. I always had to pair mine WITH a nursing bra, but they were still pretty comfy. I had some nightgowns and some pants sets, and honestly my favorite had an elasticized neckline that I could just pull down to nurse and let pop back up when I was done.

After a year of not nursing and not being preggo, I decided I was ready to rid myself of maternity / nursing PJs (after 4 kids, they were ready to GO), and get some nice pajamas. 

I needed mom-jammas. 

These need to be light weight because I still get hot flashes at night. They need to provide enough coverage so I can wear regular panties that may be reinforced with a Poise pad for light bladder leakage (ever sneezed with a full bladder first thing in the morning?), and possibly a sleeping bra to help keep me from rolling over onto a nipple. They need to be pretty so I can not feel like a mom when I am ready to get my freak on, but not so sexy that I need to cover up when a kiddo has a nighttime accident. 

So who do I turn to when I need a PJ recommendation? my LAFMB team, of course!

[easy-image-collage id=8640]

Unanimously, these PJs were everyone’s favorites! Under $20, they are a modal cotton blend (aka THE SOFTEST EVA), come in cute patterns and are loose and comfy! The shorts are just a tad short, and the neckline just a tad low, meaning if you yank those shorts up and pull that top down and toss your hubby a wink, you might just get lucky tonight. 

Now, did I purchase said PJs? Nope. Because the Nordstrom sale happened right before I started researching. And my high school friend, Mallory of Style Your Senses recommended these PJs from Nordstrom, and they are every bit as soft, comfy, and mom-sexy as the Target ones. Plus I scored them on sale, so the price difference was not significant. 

Project Pajama Upgrade… Complete!

Me in my Nordy PJs sporting my Kismet Hydrogel Eye Masks
Sarah Keating
Sarah is a 30-something mom of four children under six and wife to her high-school sweetheart. She returned to Acadiana two years ago following her husband’s completion of medical school and residency in Shreveport. After the move, Sarah switched gears from full-time pediatric speech-language pathologist and working mom to full-time stay-at-home mom to her brood. Her current hobbies include “speech-therapizing” her children, re-reading the Outlander series, catching up on her Netflix queue after the kids go to bed, completing XHIT videos at naptime, and taking her medication every morning. She loves and respects the sacredness of motherhood, but sometimes you just have to let go and laugh it out. Motherhood has been the most humbling, and empowering journey she has experienced.


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