This Challenge Will Save Your Sex Life {And So Much More!}

This Challenge Will Save Your Sex Life {And So Much More!}

I was on a journey to improve sex with my husband. After nearly a decade of marriage, multiple children, busy careers, and both of us being perpetually tired Every. Single. Day., we both agreed that we were in desperate need of a spark

After some discussion, both my husband and I set out to gather resources and ideas on how to improve our sex life. We came across and tried various ideas, but one resource stands out above all others— Quickies! Quickies are sexual challenges to complete with your partner in the form of scratch-off cards, and they are designed to be able to be completed within 30 minutes. They are created by the makers of the popular The Adventure Challenge scratch-off books, which entail date night and family adventure challenges.

The Quickies scratch-off cards set provides 30 different sexual challenges to complete with your spouse. The challenges are designed to create intimacy, connection, and sexual playfulness in your relationship, with the added benefit of being as quick (or long!) as you need them to be.

For my husband and I, Quickies not only helped us to reach our goal of improving our sex life, but they also helped us to form a deeper intimacy in our marriage that we didn’t even know we needed. 

This Challenge Will Save Your Sex Life {And So Much More!}This Challenge Will Save Your Sex Life {And So Much More!}







The benefits of incorporating Quickies into your marriage ASAP:

Creating Intimacy 

The number 1 benefit of these cards is the intimacy that they build in your relationship. These “sex cards” aren’t only about sex. The nature of the cards invites playfulness, connection, and trust into your relationship. The intimacy and connection produced from participating in the sexual challenges is a reminder of all that sex should symbolize in your marriage. 

Low or Zero Planning

The challenges on the scratch-off cards require little to no planning. As parents of small children, this aspect is beneficial to us. When scratching off a card, most challenges can be implemented immediately, so no time is wasted in prep or planning!  

This Challenge Will Save Your Sex Life {And So Much More!}

Pushing You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There were instances when each of us took turns staring at a card thinking, “Hmm, maybe we should skip this one.” There are moments when the challenge on the card might be intimidating, make you nervous, or seem like it is not your style. I would encourage you to try the challenge anyway! Trying something new with your partner and pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone will provide a memorable shared experience with one another, only deepening your connection. My husband and I also learned about our own and each other’s sexual preferences more deeply through these challenges. In a way, following the card is a “safe” way to try something new! 

Can Be Completed After Kids Are Asleep 

As parents of small children, our marriage needs quality time together at night that seems impossible to get during the day. On any given night, the scratch-off challenges can be executed easily after the kids go to sleep, without the need for an elaborate date night or overnight weekend trip together. 

We started using Quickies to spice up our sex life and gained so much more. It’s the perfect resource if you are looking for a way to deepen your marriage on multiple levels. Quickies would be the perfect gift for your spouse for an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day!


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