Your Worth Is Not Determined By Your Likes

Your Worth Is Not Determined By Your Likes

We live in a world that is immersed in technology and social media. 

Bought something new – post a picture of it!

Had something exciting happen in your family – post a status about it!

Worked your tail off towards a goal that you finally accomplish – share it with the world!

Rightfully so! We should be proud of the person that we are and when something great happens in our life, we should want to share it with the world! But when does our social media presence become too much?

At what point do we become reliant on how many “likes” we get in order to determine how accomplished or proud we should feel? 

I truly believe that social media is both a blessing and a curse. It is an amazing platform that allows us to build connections with people as well as share our dreams, goals, and accomplishments with the world. However, it also opens the door for criticism, scrutiny, and at times, can have us questioning not only our overall worth but our sense of self. 

Your Worth Is Not Determined By Your LikesI am really big into posting on social media- I am extremely outgoing and social, and I absolutely love sharing my life with the world. I love posting about my children and their cute little antics that make me laugh along with their accomplishments that make me so proud. I love sharing an article that really hits home for me (such as a Lafayette Mom blog post!) or a funny meme to brighten someone’s day. Most of all, I love sharing my personal goals or accomplishments in the hopes that it is motivation for others to reach for their dreams and never give up on the things that they want out of life.

However, I have noticed the more that I post, the more that I have started to question my worth. 

Do I look ok in that picture? Do people notice that I have put on weight? What is going on with my hair? Why did that post that I spent so long editing get only a few likes? Was it not good enough to share? Am I not good enough? Maybe I should delete it…

Your Worth Is Not Determined By Your Likes

Those are the exact thoughts that started running through my mind the more that I shared my life on social media. How crazy is that?! Instead of being excited to share my life with family and friends on social media, I was beginning to question myself as a mom, wife, and overall person just based on how many thumbs up or hearts I would receive following posting a few pictures or a status update. I have even gone as far as deleting a post and reposting it at a different time of the day to see if I would get more likes. 

That is when I decided enough was enough. 

Your worth is not determined by your likes! Who you are as a person, spouse, coworker, mom, or even friend is not determined by how many people like or even see your post. The confidence that you are looking for in the social media world is nonexistent – however, it exists inside of you and the wonderful person that you already are!

So next time you make a post on social media solely for the purpose of getting likes, I want you to look in the mirror and remind yourself of how amazing you already are. You do not need validation from other people in the social media world to believe that. Yes, those “you are so amazing” or “I knew you could do it” comments are a huge confidence boost; however, they do not hold any weight to how confident you should feel in yourself. You are amazing just the way you are, and anytime you decide to share something on social media, remember that your worth is not determined by your likes!

Lacie Soileau
Lacie Soileau is a Louisiana Native originally from Ville Platte. She went to UL Lafayette and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She then went on to earn her Teaching Certification at Louisiana College in Pineville as well as a Master’s Degree in Teaching. She also recently completed her Educational Leadership Certification. She has been in education for ten years and is currently a Third Grade Teacher at Milton Elementary School. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 years and together they have 2 children – Rylie who is 10 going on 16 and Nathan who is 6 and is our little energizer bunny!. Lacie loves to read, write, shop and exercise! One of her favorite things about living in Lafayette is all of the delicious food! Her favorite things are coffee, any type of spicy food, and spending time with her husband and kids!


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