My Unique Birthday Adventure :: Sips With Sloths at Barnhill Preserve

My Unique Birthday Adventure :: Sips With Sloths at Barnhill Preserve

For my birthday this year, I set out to find a unique activity to enjoy. I came across an event titled “Sips With Sloths” at Barnhill Preserve, a wine-tasting event that allowed for direct interactions with sloths.

The combination of wine and sloths had me sold!

From the moment we arrived, surprise animal interactions seemed to be around every corner. While waiting in line to enter, guests had the opportunity to hold a newborn wallaby. These adorable little guys were wrapped in a blanket and snuggled right into you. It was an incredible introduction to the preserve. After gaining admission, we received our wine glasses and were instructed to roam freely around the property to mingle with various animals and check out the exhibits. There was a large petting zoo that included goats, a kangaroo walk-about, and of course, the sloth exhibits.

The sloth exhibit was one of a kind. Guests were able to enter about a 15 by 15-foot room where the sloths were housed and were able to “hang around” with the sloths. There were various ropes around the room where the sloths were able to roam freely. The only rule given was to refrain from physically touching the sloths. While these furry friends were in no way cheetah-like, I was taken aback by the speed they were able to climb and walk.

The kangaroo walkabout included a path where guests could walk freely in the same space that was being occupied by kangaroos. Guests were able to touch/pet the kangaroos; however, guests had to remain on the designated path. I was apprehensive about walking through the exhibit at first after having seen multiple videos of kangaroos punching or kicking people in the Outback of Australia. However, these kangaroos were incredibly docile and sweet, making for an incredible experience.

In addition to the direct animal interactions, Barnhill Preserve houses several other animals on its property for viewing. There were camels, capybaras, various small wild cats, wild birds, and an otter exhibit. Even the gift shop housed reptilian creatures.

While the “Sips with Sloths” event is for adults only, Barnhill Preserve offers several other animal experiences throughout the year for children and families.

Prior to this, I did not know a place like Barnhill Preserve existed in Louisiana. If you are looking for a unique family-friendly experience, consider the trip to Barnhill Preserve. Barnhill Preserve is about an hour and forty-minute drive outside of Lafayette, LA in Ethel, LA. I highly recommend checking out their website to see what adventures may be in store!

Brittany Gallineau
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who owns Soleil Counseling Practice. I received a bachelor’s in psychology from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2006 and a Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Sam Houston University in 2008. I hold two separate licenses and one certification. I am a licensed professional counselor in the states of Louisiana and Texas, Licensed Psychological Associate in Texas, and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. I provide counseling services to teenagers and adults. I’ve also recently joined the board for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) a nonprofit organization that advocates for children in the foster care system. I have two children, Bella (15 years) and Julien (2 years). In my free time, I enjoy running and taking fitness classes. I also love the various community events that Lafayette has to offer such as Downtown Alive, Rhythms on the River, and Festival International.


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