Splish, Splash, Success :: Summer Swimming Lessons Create Confident Swimmers

Splish, Splash, Success :: Summer Swimming Lessons Create Confident Swimmers

It’s that time of the year again, summer swimming lessons! My kids absolutely love to swim, we’ve had them in swim lessons since they were about 3. I am not a strong swimmer, my husband is a better swimmer than I am, but I knew the importance of my kids being excellent swimmers. This is why we’ve had them in swim lessons since an early age, and we continue to put them in swimming lessons every summer to keep their skills sharp. We don’t have access to a pool where they can swim often, so these annual summer lessons have been great for them.

I’ve learned there are two things that have been crucial to my kids being successful swimmers, a great swim school and the right swim goggles!

When we first put our kids in swimming lessons, I’ll be honest I didn’t care for the school we selected. The staff just wasn’t patient enough with my son which was so uncomfortable for him and us as parents. Shortly after that we were able to locate the absolute best swim school for both our kids, Ms. Rick’s Swim School. The staff is so amazing with the kids, they truly want the children to do their best focusing on water safety as well as swimming. I immediately saw a difference in my son and daughter when they started swimming at this swim school, and every summer they request to go back. There is no better feeling than knowing your kids are in good hands, Ms. Rick’s Swim School does that for us. This year I am actually taking one on one private lessons with them so that I can become a stronger swimmer.

Now let’s discuss swim goggles. I’ve gone through so many pairs of swim goggles, it’s unreal! Many of them break and most of them have that plastic strap on the back that always seems to bother my daughter and tug on her hair. I recently saw a pair made by a woman on Shark Tank called Splash Swim Goggles and I had to buy them! These goggles do not have the dreaded plastic strap on the back, instead they have this stretchy soft material that my kids absolutely love. We’ve tried them out and they stay secure and comfortable while the kids swim with them.

Splish, Splash, Success :: Summer Swimming Lessons Create Confident Swimmers

If you haven’t put your kids in swim lessons yet, do it now! Water safety is so important and can save lives. No age is too young or too old, babies can be taught to float and adults can learn to swim. If you’re at a swim school you aren’t happy with, switch! I know switching isn’t always easy but in some cases it’s definitely worth it. And if your kids are struggling with goggles like mine were, try out these. I am sure they’ll love them just as much as my kids do.

Vivian Winters
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