Creating Christmas Magic Together :: Empowering Our Sons To Share In Christmas Magic!

Creating Christmas Magic Together :: Empowering Our Sons To Share In Christmas Magic!

Can we talk about something that’s been on my mind this holiday season? You might’ve seen this video circling around — where a dad, filming Christmas morning, finds his wife’s stocking empty. She brushes it off, saying Santa didn’t come for her and I know that exact feeling. That moment struck a chord because I’ve been there. Every year, it was the same feeling — a partner seemingly disconnected from the holiday magic, either unaware or just not caring.

Year after year, I’ve navigated the holiday hustle alone, trying to capture the essence of the season for our family while feeling like my partner is on the sidelines. However, since my divorce, I’ve found solace in the fact that I no longer have to worry about a partner not participating equally in holidays (or anything else for that matter). Never again will I be in another relationship like that.

Empowering a New Narrative

That’s why I’m determined to rewrite this narrative, starting with my son. I want him to understand that being a part of the magic isn’t just for moms — it’s for everyone. When he grows up and finds someone special, I want both of them to soak up the warmth and joy of sharing moments together. I envision them creating holiday magic hand in hand, laughing and cherishing each tradition with equal love and enthusiasm. In their home, Santa won’t ever forget a stocking!

For the past few Christmases, I’ve involved him in the gifting process, giving him a chance to play a role in creating that enchantment.

So, armed with a crisp twenty-dollar bill, we ventured to World Market. There, I gave him complete freedom to choose anything he thought I’d love for my stocking—be it bath bombs, hand lotions, or whatever caught his eye. He asked me for hints, and I shared a few preferences. As we shopped, we picked up an extra stocking to ensure everything he chose would fit perfectly.

When we reached the cashier, he explained his plan. He kindly let her know that he didn’t actually need the stocking; rather, he was using it to keep my gifts hidden until we got home. Understanding his intention, the cashier helped preserve the surprise by double-bagging everything so I couldn’t catch a glimpse. Safeguarding the surprise tightly, he held onto it until we returned home. Then, with care and excitement, he meticulously arranged each item into the stocking that I’ve had for nearly 35 years.

Creating Christmas Magic Together :: Empowering Our Sons To Share In Christmas Magic!

Empowering our children, especially our sons, to embrace and create holiday traditions plays a crucial role in shaping future partners who appreciate and partake in the magic of togetherness. It’s these moments of shared joy and involvement that pave the way for a future where equality and participation thrive.

Creating Christmas Magic Together :: Empowering Our Sons To Share In Christmas Magic!


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