A Prayer For The Child Who Has Exams

A Prayer For The Child Who Has Exams

I personally do not have teenagers. Currently, my motherhood is filled with kindergarten homework, endless dress up days, and never ending missing sippy cups. But I spend my days teaching high school students who are stressed and bogged down with school work and extracurricular activities. And so I catch a little glimpse into their lives and the lives of their parents. 

As we prepare for the holidays and we enter the last stretch of the first semester, so many of our children are preparing for exams. So I invite you to join me in praying for our kids as they study and stress and work towards achieving the best grades possible: 


We lift up these students. 

Help them to study hard, to rest well, and to feel confident in their knowledge of this material. 

Remind them that their worth does not come from the grades they achieve, but rather from being created and loved by You. 

Give them Your grace. 

May they have patience with themselves, 

Peace, knowing they’ve put forth the greatest effort, 

And remain faithful to their studies. 

Help them to pursue excellence in all that they do, 

And that they may seek to always glorify You. 


Good luck to all our students on their exams! And may you all have a wonderful and blessed break!


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