It’s Time to Show Up!

It’s a revolving topic these days. 2020 is a dumpster fire. We’re all done. Bring on 2021!

Think about this though…. what if you took these last months of 2020 and turned it around and made it your year. Remember those promises and resolutions we made in January and forgot about? Look back on those and start them again!

YOU made those goals for a reason! You wanted to better yourself, your family, your life. We all seemed to have forgotten about those goals. We focus on school, virtual or in person, masks, water bottles, sanitizer, and rules so much now we forget about the other things we were so dead set on at the beginning of the year.

Write it Down

Take out a piece of paper, make a note on your phone and write those goals down again. It’s not too late to start again! Get a group of friends and tell each other what your goals are. Hold each other accountable!

I wanted to run a 5K this year. Have I done it? NOPE. There are virtual races all over Facebook right now. I’m putting this down for all to see… I WILL DO A 5K BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

Give 2020 the Finger

I feel like there has been so much negativity, sadness, and hate this year. Let’s give 2020 the finger and take the year back. There’s still time y’all!!

Like Rachel and Dave Hollis say with their last 90-day challenge… Finish the year strong! It doesn’t matter if it’s that you want to finish that book you started before COVID changed our lives, finish it! Want to lose weight? Start walking more or look into classes offered online! Want to have more family meals together? We all know the life of running the roads with the kids, right? Make it a point to do it at least once a week if that’s what you can do at this time.

We are all 100% ready to get past this year. But, what if you ended the year on the same positive and energetic note you began the year on? Imagine how excited and pumped you’ll be to start the New Year. You’ll already be working on the goals so you can keep on pushing to achieve them! You can add to those current goals come 2021!

It’s time to show up for yourself. It’s time to finish and work on what you set out to accomplish. It’s time to make the most of this year. You’ve got three months left… how are you going to show up?