Dear Freshman

My Dearest Freshman,

It absolutely blows my mind that you are starting high school. How can you be old enough? How did it go by this fast? The next four years will be the “best yet,” the “hardest” so far and you’ll never forget them. I can only pray that you are able to take it all in, learn EVERYTHING, participate and enjoy this season of your life.

I can still remember your first day of Pre-K. You had the cutest little ponytail with a big white bow. Your perfectly ironed, pleated jumper and crisp white shirt. The book sack was as big as you were! You bounced into Mrs. Stokes’ class and never looked back. Little Cindy Loo-Who, as they called you, befriended everyone. You completely took advantage of all that was offered to you and when they told you to fly, you did. You still haven’t come back down and I hope you never do.

See, 10 years ago, I had no idea all of the great things you would do. I dreamed, yes, but the reality is that you knew what you needed and you went for it. Sure, you have had tough times; certain subjects gave you a run for your money, you faced troubles with friends, and you’ve suffered losses. The difference is, you always faced your defeats with your chin held high. If you fell, you dusted the dirt from your knees and tried again. You even handled your parents’ divorce with a smile on your face and a spark in your heart. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how you did it.

Freshman orientation was the first taste of you getting older. NO PARENTS ALLOWED! Reality is setting in that the on campus involvement has dwindled to nothing. No field trips to chaperone, no lunch surprises or class parties. My momma heart is struggling but I know that you will be just fine. So here we are, August 15, 2019, ten years to the date of your very first day of school. You got this, kid. Have fun and don’t look back. Enjoy every single moment, take the hits in stride and always keep your head up. Don’t blink because it’ll be over before you know it. And always remember how proud of you we are and that we love you most.


Sara Stevens
Sara is a proud mother of two daughters. Morgan (14), a product of her first marriage, and Elizabeth (5) with her husband of seven years, James. He is a very patient, loving soul who embraces all the ladies in his home, including their Schnauzer, Sadie and Jesse the Cat. Sara is a native of Lafayette turned Texas transplant who moved back to Cajun Country as fast as she could. An only child, she maintains a strong relationship with her parents and believes having close friends is important. When she’s not cheering on soccer, volleyball or fixing top knots for dance class, you can find Sara at her day job as an insurance agent for a local agency. She loves spending time at the beach with her family, traveling to new places, and indulging in local food and drink - then working it all off at Red’s. Oh, and all things UL. Geaux Cajuns! She’s just living life wildly. One day at a time.


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