Working Mom Pumping Hacks!

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Working Mom Pumping Hacks!

Anyone who has breastfed or exclusively pumped knows that pumping is a part-time job! From remembering to pump throughout the day to cleaning the countless pump parts, it’s a lot to juggle. Here is the system that has worked for my family since I have returned to work. Pumping and working full-time is never easy, but hopefully these tricks will make it easier to continue breastfeeding for your little one longer if that is a good fit for your situation!

Have Enough Pump Parts to Not Wash at Work: I have enough pump parts, so I do not have to worry about washing everything until I get home at night. I have a dirty bag and a clean bag of pump parts. This is such a time saver! Depending on the pump, it could take 5 or 10 minutes after each pump session to clean and dry the various pump parts. Any way that I can increase efficiency as a working mom, I’ll do it!

Put a Mini-Refrigerator in Your Office: There are all sorts of sized mini fridges now that everyone is into skincare more than a few years ago. Get a mini fridge to put in your office to store milk. This is not only discreet for milk storage, but a great way to save time when you put your milk away.

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Wearable Pumps: If you can afford a battery powered wearable pump, get it! It is absolutely worth the splurge. Being able to move around in my office without being connected to tubing is a game changer. There are all sorts of brands at different price points as well. Some popular brands include: Willow, Momcozy, and Tsrete just to name a few.

Pumping Bra: A pumping bra is a must to be handsfree! When I am using my pump, I can still answer phone calls, send emails, and get my daily tasks done while I am making milk for my baby.

Breast Pump Disinfectant Wipes: If you prefer to clean your pump parts after use, there are breast pump wipes available to disinfect everything!

The Pitcher Method: When I get home from work, I utilize the pitcher method for milk storage! This has been really efficient for my breastfeeding journey after choosing to exclusively pump. For this method, you put the bottle that you just pumped into the refrigerator. After it is cool, pour it into a pitcher or glass jar to have available for 24 hours to 4 days (based on your comfort level.) Any left-over milk is then frozen for future use. This is a great hack for storage in your refrigerator AND it equally disperses the fatty morning milk from the day within the pitcher.

However, you choose to feed your baby is a good choice! If breastfeeding and or pumping is the right fit, I hope these tactics can help you to continue to do so as along as you want.

What hacks have helped you on your breastfeeding and pumping journey?

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