“Mommy Needs a Drink” Guide In and Around Lafayette

I love a good cocktail. I even love a good mocktail when the occasion calls for one…like when I am pregnant and just close my eyes and pretend that there is gin in my soda with lime. When my friends and I get together, we tend to lean toward places that can provide a nice cocktail when we arrive. I have compiled a list of my favorite drinks at some of my favorite Lafayette places, and even some yummy apps to go along with them.

Whiskey Winners

Bulleit Old Fashioned at Pour

I know Pour is supposed to be the go-to for wine, but their Old Fashioned is my all-time favorite in town. If you like the sweeter side, go with the Bulleit bourbon. Have I gone there to take myself on a solo date to sit outside with my drink with peace a quiet? Yes. Do I have regrets? Only getting one order of duck empanadas instead of two. 

Kyushiki at Tsunami

Similar to an Old Fashioned, but with a strong honey taste. It’s the most soothing, yummy drink on the planet. My husband and I enjoy these when we sit at the bar with a side of edamame. Light and refreshing! 

Whiskey Sour at The Tap Room

I find Tap Room to be a great place for a laid-back atmosphere where you can essentially guarantee that your most classic cocktails will be delicious. It also does not hurt to have a Friggin’ Fig-N-Pig flatbread on the table, too. 


Winner Gin-er Chicken Dinner

C.P.T at Pamplona

I could probably write an entire blog about the drinks at Pamplona. This twist on a gin and tonic adds cucumber, black pepper, and soda for the most refreshing drink ever. I’d pair this one with duck fat fries, because who doesn’t love fries? 

Pamplemousse at Social 

If you want a yummy, citrusy martini, this is the one to order. The grapefruit makes it totally refreshing, and it is a nice treat with your biscuits and honey.

**also note, the bartenders at Social are top-notch. Every now and then I like to have them make me a gin drink of their choosing. They have not steered me wrong.

Dirty Martini at Bonefish

I know it might sound boring, but when I want an extra dirty martini with olives, I’m booking it to Bonefish. Hendricks gin and an order of Bang Bang Shrimp, please! 

Other local favorites

T’Spoon at Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant

When your iced tea needs a kick, this is the go-to. When your cocktail has chamomile and AND Bourbon, relaxation is in sight. I like this drink paired with a crab quesadilla (my mouth watered just typing that.) 

Margarita at Legend’s 

I like mine frozen and with salt. Sometimes I opt for a half sangria half margarita, but either way, you can count on these potent puppies to be delicious every time. Hands down, this is my favorite margarita in all of Lafayette. Also, Legends has some of the best burgers and wraps in town. 

Hot Buttered Rum at Carpe Diem Cafe and Wine Bar

If you want a whole lot of great atmosphere, Carpe Diem is the place. It’s quaint, low-key, and serves the most delicious winter drink on the planet. If you want to feel like you are in Harry Potter and sip on a nice dessert-like drink, go by and get this seasonal drink. You won’t be sorry.

Jessica Hauerwas
Jessica is a nonprofit leader who loves bopping around Lafayette for the best burgers or bands in town. She is the Executive Director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited where she runs the day-to-day nonprofit. She and her husband Chris have three littles at home (Jane, Clark, and Louise) where there is lots of giggling and always a cup of coffee brewing. Jessica is passionate about community-building and empowering working mothers. Jessica also volunteers for various organizations, is a member of the Lafayette Re-Entry Coalition, a graduate of Leadership Lafayette, and a survivor of being a mother of three under 4.


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