My Fave Top Five: Hilarious Comediennes Talk Motherhood

It was the longest March EVER. By March 54th, I had almost given up all hope that the month was ever going to come to an end! It didn’t help that our wedding anniversary is on the last day of March; between canceled travel plans and quarantine, living in limbo has been excruciating!

So, how have I been managing my limited moments of “me” time during this topsy turvy season? With laughter, of course! Because, let’s be honest: sometimes, you have to laugh HARD to keep from pulling your own hair out from the stress, am I right? So, I am giving myself a break and indulging in clips of some of the funniest Comediennes ever! Some of them are tried and true funny; they are my go-to comedy when I need a laugh. The others were discovered during #quarantine and, may I say, couldn’t have surfaced on my radar at a better time!

Here are my Top Five Comedienne Moms!


Ya’ll…! She understands and discusses parenthood and marriage with “keeping it 100” honesty! She explores these topics and more with such hilarity and I feel so SEEN! She gets it, she truly gets it and I am so grateful.

Parents After One Week of Quarantine

"I honestly don't know how teachers do it!" ???????? by Ejspeaks –

Posted by Bored Teachers on Saturday, 28 March 2020

Tiffany Jenkins

She has the ability to turn the everyday hijinks to hilarious parodies.  From homeschooling to exploring anxiety, Tiffany has a way of lightening the mood and reminding you that life might be crazy right now but it can also definitely be fun!

Me As a Homeschool Teacher….LOL.

*NEW VID* Me As a Homeschool Teacher….LOL

Posted by Juggling The Jenkins – Tiffany Jenkins on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Leanne Morgan

I’m obsessed with Leanne, y’all! I just stumbled onto one of her videos last week and have been watching them ever since! Her content on mid-life struggles (hello, perimenopause and weight loss!) is made sweeter with that Tennessee twang and I am here for all of it!

Pregnant… Again | Leanne Morgan

When you find out you're pregnant………….. again!!Tour dates at

Posted by Leanne Morgan on Friday, 14 February 2020

Jessica Fostekev

She’s straight-forward about parenting and it’s hysterical! Scotland-born actor and mother, she doesn’t bother hiding the hilarious truths of life. She’s a newfound comic and I’m so glad I found her!

Elz Rachel Grimes

This New Orleans momma to be is FUNNY! With that special Louisiana spice added to her comedic skits, she brings our no-nonsense mothering to life in a way that we Louisiana Moms completely understand!

These are crazy times, mommas. Life is throwing enough lemons at us during this season; let these women (and many others) turn it into lemonade with lots of laughter! Have a giggle and know that you are not alone. We will also get through this together!

Natalie Bunner
Natalie is a nomadic spirit who loves to travel but has always called Louisiana home. Born and raised in Lafayette, she grew up with five brothers and so she feels that being a #boymom was destiny. Marriage and babies were a late blessing as she became a wife and mother in her mid-thirties but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Life with her husband, Wayne, and two sons, Edison and Oliver, is always full of laughter; there’s never a dull moment with those three! Natalie is a Licensed Social Worker and currently works with children in the charter school system. Providing support for children in need is her life’s purpose. In her mind, social work and motherhood go hand in hand. Creating an environment where kids feel safe, loved and valued as individuals go a long way to building well-adjusted adults. Natalie explores social work and motherhood both here at Lafayette Mom and on her site Connect. Learn. Grow. at


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