Embracing the Chaos of a Big Family

Embracing the Chaos of a Big Family

While the idea of managing a big household may seem daunting to some, there’s an undeniable joy that arises from the unpredictable journey of having a big family. Everyday is an adventure with a big family, and I’ve learned to embrace it and find the joy amidst the chaos.

Here is what I’ve learned along the way…

Embrace the Unpredictability: Instead of resisting the chaos, I’ve learned to embrace the unpredictability that comes with a big family. From unexpected laughter to impromptu family gatherings, there’s beauty in the spontaneity that adds something special to our daily life.

Embracing the Chaos of a Big Family

Everyone Pitches In: A big family means having a built-in support system. Whether it’s helping each other with homework, sharing responsibilities, or simply being there for emotional support, the bond between siblings can be a source of strength and comfort.

Teaching Adaptability: Growing up in a large family teaches children valuable life skills, such as adaptability. They learn to navigate through various personalities, compromise, and find common ground – skills that serve them well in their future endeavors.

Embracing the Chaos of a Big Family


Go with the Flow: Flexibility is key when managing a big household. Learning to go with the flow and adapt to changing situations has been a valuable lesson. Especially for someone like me who likes to be in control and use to not adapt well to change.

Celebrate Individuality: Each family member brings something unique to the table. I’ve learned to celebrate and appreciate the individuality of each family member. Embracing the different personalities and interests leads to many adventures in our big family.

Embracing the Chaos of a Big Family

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: While the chaos may be abundant, I’ve learned to prioritize quality moments over quantity. Focusing on meaningful interactions and shared experiences allows us to connect on a deeper level, leaving our family stronger than ever.

Embracing the adventure of a big family has been a journey filled with unexpected joys and valuable lessons. By embracing the chaos, finding laughter in the little things, and prioritizing meaningful connections, I’ve discovered that the joy within a big family is immeasurable. It’s a unique journey that continues to bring fulfillment and love into every aspect of life.

Lori Ward
Hi! I’m Lori Ward, a Virtual Assistant who loves bringing creativity and detail into every project. I find joy in helping others while balancing my beautiful family life with my husband Ethan. When I’m not working or wrangling my 5 kids, I enjoy sitting down with a good book (and coffee of course)! As you follow me along on the Lafayette Mom blog, you'll witness my unwavering commitment to empowering fellow moms. Together, I hope we will celebrate victories, share laughter, and create a supportive community where we can all thrive.


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