Mardi Gras Parade Route Must Haves With Kids

Mardi Gras Parade Route Must Haves With Kids

It’s about that time! The weekends will be filled with parades every day and you’ll have all the kids with you. We thought we could help make your list easier and give you some of the best things to have on hand while catching beads with your family!

Wagon – These are perfect to tote all the goods for the day and the goodies you catch from the parades. Check out these posts for a couple of our favorites: A Love Letter to my Wagon and Jumping on the Wonderfold {Band}Wagon

Bubble Guns – Bring extra bubbles and it’ll keep the kids entertained while waiting for the parade.

Headphones – This is great for those kiddos with sensory issues or just the ones who want to watch a table while they wait.

An Extra Rolling Ice Chest – This can have so many uses… your drink holder while you wait, seating and a bead holder if needed!

Extra Tote Bags and/or Booksacks – All for more option to carry the goods.

Toilet Paper, Wipes, Sanitizer – Need I say more? Another option would be a handheld urinal for women (because we all know how nasty the Port-O-Potty will be!)

Crib Sheet – Helpful to place over pack-n-play for the little ones.

Marker – Write phone numbers on arms for safety.

Chapstick – Depending on weather your lips may need it with the wind and hanging outside all day.

Do you have any additional must haves we should add?

Mardi Gras Must Haves