Let Them Play

***Author’s Note :: these are my feelings. The feelings of a mother trying to protect her children but, at the same time, also trying to advocate for them.***

The verdict – for now.

It came down today that LHSAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) will not allow football for the 2020 Fall season until we reach Phase 4.

Honest question – have we EVER been in Phase 4?  

I don’t have the right answer. I will not pretend to know how to flatten the curve or even make it go away. I will not pretend to know how to make everyone happy all the time. I am 100% on board for lowering the numbers and flattening the curve. Believe me, I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want anyone I know to be sick. But when does this stop? LHSAA made the decision to postpone football season. Fine. Until when? If we can’t master wearing a mask, how will we get to phase 4? Will the season be postponed to the Spring? Will we be out of this by then? What about the other sports?

There are seniors waiting for scholarship money. What about the freshman who have waited their entire lives to play for their school? So much is on the line and so much more left to speculate.

It’s too much!

When will our children be able to have some sense of normalcy? We have tried so hard during quarantine to keep things normal, but really, what is normal? Nobody knows anymore. What I do know, though, is that since my oldest has gone back to {socially distant} practice, which is basically just conditioning, she’s been so happy. She has been able to lace up her cleats, touch a ball, laugh with her friends. She doesn’t even care that they meet at 7am, three times a week. It’s good for her mental health. She’s happy, and she’s having so much fun.

Please, to the powers that be … #LETTHEMPLAY

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Sara Stevens
Sara is a proud mother of two daughters. Morgan (14), a product of her first marriage, and Elizabeth (5) with her husband of seven years, James. He is a very patient, loving soul who embraces all the ladies in his home, including their Schnauzer, Sadie and Jesse the Cat. Sara is a native of Lafayette turned Texas transplant who moved back to Cajun Country as fast as she could. An only child, she maintains a strong relationship with her parents and believes having close friends is important. When she’s not cheering on soccer, volleyball or fixing top knots for dance class, you can find Sara at her day job as an insurance agent for a local agency. She loves spending time at the beach with her family, traveling to new places, and indulging in local food and drink - then working it all off at Red’s. Oh, and all things UL. Geaux Cajuns! She’s just living life wildly. One day at a time.


  1. I agree! There is NOTHING normal about this “new normal”. I am so happy they got to play softball. It was a shortened season, but still great to be able to play the game. With everything still so uncertain, they need something to look forward to.

    • Thank you for validating me. I caught some flack for this post. But what I have to remember is that my blogs aren’t always going to speak to the masses. All I can do is advocate for my kids and keep their heads held high. I appreciate you and your words. Thank you.


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